/u/2876patter is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8934 Your fabulous family must have taken great care of you.
0.8516 Congratulations on the great new job Paul Bunyan!
0.7901 Happy Birthday cute girl!
0.7845 How lucky are you that you have such great parents.
0.7841 Hope you have many more happy days ahead.
0.7688 I was more mature with a strong goal of graduation in mind.
0.7318 This is so amazing!
0.7034 Hope your doggie is OK.
0.6696 Best Reddit picture ever!
0.6688 Congratulations!!
0.6652 Fat keeps me full, focused, and I don't crave bad things that will get me off track.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6249 Worst part was the group projects.
-0.5267 Stupid young kids did nothing to contribute.
-0.5106 He donates for other sick dogs?
-0.1531 Her financial problems cannot continue to be solved by you.
-0.0572 Don't worry & enjoy it.
0.0 You have an Oscar right there.
0.0 Little fluffy one.
0.0 And the watermelon.
0.0 What kind of dog is this?
0.0 Is it the door bell box?
0.0 Did it short out?
0.0 Malcolm In The Middle.