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0.9626 And season 2 of Super Lovers in January I think. There are a lot more BL manga than anime, so it's definitely worth looking them up, it's the only type of manga I read haha.
0.92 You look like a younger Mark Ruffalo with your new haircut, looking good! Thanks for all the hard work, good luck with life.
0.9136 He's been doing this for his own enjoyment for like 10 years now, it's just 20 minutes a day of relaxing and enjoying his random commentary.
0.9081 I only had like 2k posts so you wouldn't recognise me but I loved the fakes section and Merch gwyar's clan, Canting. tho I just looked at my blogs from 2010 wow I was annoying lmao
0.8957 Such a lovely woman, I hope she's doing well these days :)
0.8934 On my save Galloway's PA is 40 points below Stones, has only been successful in the championship while Stones has been playing full PL seasons since the start.
0.8805 Love Stage is also good, probably the most popular.
0.8625 S1 High: 50 S1 Final: 45 S2 Placement: 1953 Wins: 3 Losses: 7 Here's my results, firmly on the lower end of the scale :-) Hope it helps haha
0.8458 I don't watch Bdubs' gaming channel at all, but I've been watching the live channel for like a year and it's just really fun seeing their life happen.
0.8398 I'm sure you'd have been a great fan of our African Violet away strip!
0.8395 Hopefully doesn't upset our league form, this season has been going great.

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-0.7835 I can't believe this gets a season second over some other shows but I couldn't be happier haha.
-0.7481 I know I sohuldn't but I LOVE YOU TOO
-0.7003 Would rather drink water in any case. Skimmed milk is worse than piss.
-0.5023 Was a nice day when I went to it, but there were some teens climbing all over the old building there, which was sad.
-0.4767 Makes me sad, I can't watch twitch vods in decent quality.
-0.4215 Just some guy throwing 80mph fastballs and faking every batter out in the big leagues.
-0.3241 I don't even really like the sex part of yaoi since it's all the same. And the big one, yaoi hands.
-0.3182 'mon the lads, away to the Euros with nary a loss on our back.
-0.296 fs Dublin Road is 3.50 a ticket and decent seats, bus stop right outside too.
-0.296 Plus nationalist turnout for the referendum was supposedly lower than normal, and yet the result was still firmly Remain.
-0.2516 Sometimes the team looks a little lost in terms of actually shooting the ball though.