/u/0blivion76 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9337 Agreed, please continue to add your beauty to the overall wonderfulness of gonewild :)
0.9217 You are beautiful and I am certain many men would love to be with you :)
0.9201 I hope you feel better and thank you for sharing :)
0.9186 I shall do my best to be worthy of your gift :)
0.9136 Definitely not, You need to let those wonderful bewbs be free and breathe :)
0.9136 A sexy body and a lovely smile :)
0.8957 You are a lovely gorgeous knock out :)
0.8949 Most definitely, love the way you sound especially :)
0.891 Well bring it with your bad ass sexy self :)
0.8885 Happy Friday lovely :)
0.8885 Happy Birthday Lovely, may you have many orgasms :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6131 I disagree, that dress is not worthy to be on you.
-0.5423 Not bad at all.
-0.4939 Is it a bad thing that I want to nuzzle your belly button with my nose and rub my beard on your belly?
-0.4019 I have the same problem.
-0.3774 I'd plunder and pillage it until nothing remained :P
-0.34 Unfortunately not yet.
-0.296 I have no clue.
-0.296 No adjective describes your booty.
-0.2263 I would definitely fuck you until there was no energy in my limbs nor breath in my lungs.
-0.1449 Hate it when that happens :P
-0.128 Just a bit tough tracking who / what / when / etc.
-0.0772 I am sorry to hear this.