/u/-L3G10N- is very positive!

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0.9571 Nice hair, lovely smile, beautiful tummy and also some nice underwear :)
0.9543 I would say you already have it :) Personally i think you have a great looking body and i also like pale skin and your tummy is also very beautiful :3
0.9506 I consider this a bad habit ;) There are only a few things that are more beautiful than an honest smile, so i would be happy to see you smile one day :)
0.9501 Super adorable smile and a very beautiful face in general :)
0.9485 Beautiful hair, great smile and a nice tummy :3
0.9472 You still have one of THE most gorgeous smiles and your tummy is also still very beautiful :3
0.9468 o.O Not sure if i would say "hot" but she looks pretty cool and her hair is also nice but i still prefer you :P
0.9432 Welcome to GoneMild :) ps: i really like your hair color and your tummy is beautiful :3
0.9412 And your tummy is still gorgeous :) Also, i really love long hair :3
0.936 Welcome to GoneMild :) I hope you enjoy your stay as much as we enjoy your post
0.9348 Long time no see but i'm glad you posted again - still one of the most gorgeous redheads/gingers around <3

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5574 The cynical and sarcastic part inside myself is tempted to say the following: "Because reasons you are not providing any context for your statement.
-0.1779 Why do you feel weird?
-0.1568 With all due respect, but this is a statement i would not agree on.
0.0 She is just...
0.0 May i ask when she became "not hot"?
0.0 Just do your own thing and take your time with it.
0.0 You do know that you are neither too fat for modelling nor unattractive".
0.0 It's afternoon/evening around here, so may i rest my head on your tummy and fall asleep?
0.0 Why can't people simply read the rules before posting?
0.0 CAVE STORY+!!!!!!!!
0.0 You look quite sleepy/tired on this one *hug*