/u/zaikantos is kind of a dick.

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0.802 :) Best tf2 moment in my life
0.7778 In the outliner, rebel factions is sorted alphabetically, would more useful if it's sorted by rebellion progress OR, even better, how many years it'll probably take to revolt. 8.
0.7351 Aaaand I can't put this into the Op right now, post is becoming too long and I don't have the time to mess with stuff to reduce characters. Oh well, you're a hero regardless /u/Cmushi :)
0.6708 Can't block volatile explosions. [ He got pretty low, but had like 20% hp left.]
0.5448 Also, spy networks should not always decay, but add a new diplomat action: counterespionage in your own country, which then causes all spy networks in your country to decay.
0.5337 Usually don't go aggressive early on, lesson learnt :)
0.5106 Free rampage.
0.5093 Neat! Did they show a trade-mapmode shot of western europe, or did you deduce the trade nodes from the on-screen dotted lines?
0.4767 The build functions perfectly fine on a low budget even in HC, it just does a lot better with a bit of chaos thrown on it.
0.4601 I felt like it is because we're sort of playing Athenas retelling of the story as she's tied up in sanctuary.
0.4588 Unfortunately, it seems like it's going to be too easy for the ottos to conquer, it was already ottoman within 10 years on the stream.

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-0.802 Disasters overview doesn't always have enough room for all possible disasters. 12.
-0.7964 When you are at war with someone, their enemies can give you gifts.
-0.7906 I'd recommend to kill the golems at the start of fights 2/3, since for me the combination of an izaro hit + golem hitting me is what brings me low.
-0.7717 Generals/admiral/country leaders probably share the advisor death risks, we should be able to see their death chance, and general/admiral age in general 6.
-0.7717 The only thing I'm sad about is that a human could unify the the hre before the event triggers, and the resulting wars could be....
-0.765 You can use the [dancing dervish] to get rampage, just get one kill with it equipped and then weapon switch to whatever you want to use.
-0.7506 :( I feel bad now [I'm actually]
-0.7501 IIRC the only time truce time was mentioned was in regards to the duration of war reparations, so no word on that.
-0.719 +made it less stupidly disorganised and ugly.
-0.6808 Mob had volatile stormblood, extra fire damage and some irrelevant mods.
-0.5928 Yup, I was playing prussia the other day and when I got the evangelical union event I was very disappointed it didn't do anything interesting.
-0.5719 In combat, infantry will block cavalry in cases where the cavalry would be able to attack, but the infantry can't.