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0.9406 friend fujin are friend XD and my facet is Azazel and as i prmoised only used one turn of it and azazel multipler are more than facet for this team anyways any other question xd?
0.9098 personally idk what that is but na exclusive is sound fun xd!
0.9081 yay ty ty xd
0.9042 np ty ty hope help
0.9041 she really good lead to play and fun. any question feel free to ask
0.8885 i cant carry but i can play in jp xd
0.8682 got really powerful lead now nice!! any question feel free to ask
0.8519 i have to be honest tho, this is my last and first time done this hahahbut i think yes cuz azazel buff is strong
0.8481 ya he will be hard cuz green team haha and no active too gl to ur run xd
0.8402 yes he is strong as u can see haha
0.8338 took way many try haha welp once co op then not too bad haha

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-0.9349 also if u die at tama its so early that oh bad rng but then u die at later floor is usually sad.
-0.8156 ya i didnt realize haha yup 80% bad decision haha
-0.7556 we all die once or more probably in arena 3! time to pay back!!!!!
-0.6814 just the castor god killer isnt good for a3 may wanna change to blue version due to alot of obsorb floor
-0.6486 but damage input will change so u need to find ur own on that
-0.6486 u can farm up machine athena it just ragdra and julie are macthed up on killer so make sense
-0.5829 i mean i personally do not farm a3 so maybe bad person to ask tbh.
-0.5075 i not too sure but probably no
-0.4939 also i noticed that parvati wont work cuz it need to hit zeusdra any damage so sakuya grav work.
-0.4497 just in case ppl gonna ask about carat u can use skill up mat for carat but have to provide more sb if u cant do 4 x3 sb u gonna start needing skill delay latent on carat.
-0.296 no explain needed
-0.2639 https://youtu.be/T7_VcWailQQ this is part 2 while video i had to go so i had to stop for like hr . anyways any question feel free to ask if not enjoy ty for watching!!