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0.9773 xd yes i like it, but ppl can do what they like to do since win is win xd
0.9615 really cool xd, welp ty for watching hope u had fun xd
0.9431 u can yes but if u do that then didnt kill u a dead so make sure u can yup
0.9395 yes it does kaede is my fav strongest lead in this game imo so good luck on practice
0.9377 nice nice if this video help some ppl out there i be really happy gl with ur practice!!
0.936 yes ty i hope u had fun xd
0.9313 nice cool cool hope it help u get better
0.9279 two is great ya but really strong card one day a3 xd
0.9246 np ty i hope it does help a lot of ppl too xd
0.908 really cool, at least someone enjoying it ty for letting me know xd
0.9042 nice hope it help xd

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7925 ya i had to change it so damage is just ok if i full board that would not work due to go over 20mil on damage
-0.5574 sorry iizaya i feel ur pain.
-0.5465 yes i know the connection so what i gonna do is put room # in the chat so there is no delay and no waiting list
-0.4144 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FB4G9hQbgNQ sorry while taking video i had to go out cuz my dog need to go outside so had to stop recording
-0.3612 as of this give away there is no plan of sepiroth carry sorry
-0.34 rng is crazy
-0.2732 and for gaiadragon u can kill like my way but it can be toward on end side of 75% shield too
-0.171 ya i live in usa that y, i play na not jp haha
-0.1027 somewat true too nuch damage
0.0 just my opinion do u use hp badge?
0.0 oh ya that right i forgot about that u have a gadis that wedding one???
0.0 then maybe that for satuki