/u/yinzer1 is very positive!

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33Overall Score
43Positive Score
9Negative Score
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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8636 Wow - AWESOME body
0.8599 Sexy tan lines and AWESOME nipples!
0.7906 AWESOME tits!!!!!
0.7901 Dear Lord you have an awesome body!
0.765 I remember that awesome smile .
0.729 AWESOME tit!
0.6908 And I wish I was your personal photographer :)
0.6892 Awesome body!!
0.6705 On my way...looks like the back door is open :)
0.6696 I would love to walk out on my deck and catch a glimpse of you!
0.6588 Awesome body!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5423 Holy fuck - can we see a pic of you standing in that bikini?
-0.4574 Damn that body!
-0.4015 Seeing this pic - there's isn't a better way!
-0.2942 You have spectacular tits!
-0.2942 Spectacular tits!
-0.2942 Remove your hands...I'm aiming for your tits!
-0.2023 Holy fuck yes
-0.1761 I'm so hard right now.
-0.0757 Damn, I never get tired of see you.
0.0 Incredible body!
0.0 Smoking body!
0.0 Wow...very hot!