/u/yinzer1 is very positive!

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32Overall Score
39Positive Score
5Negative Score
54Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8478 Wow awesome target, I mean view!
0.8402 Wow, would love to.
0.8398 Wow, beautiful!
0.8271 Wow, beautiful body
0.7251 They look like so much fun.
0.6988 I love your boobs!!
0.6793 Absolutely gorgeous!
0.6696 Love those nips!
0.6588 That was awesome!
0.6588 Awesome body!
0.6588 Awesome view!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5836 You are so damn hot!
-0.5423 Hoooly fuck.
-0.5255 Real or fake they're specular!
-0.4574 Damn those nips!
-0.1027 You always make me hard.
-0.0772 Well, probably going to jerk off to this pic.
0.0 I'll probably never meet you, but I'll be cumming.
0.0 I was like..
0.0 What the...?
0.0 Barely noticed the sweater
0.0 I only see cleavage.
0.0 She's smoking hot!