/u/yinzer1 is very positive!

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33Overall Score
41Positive Score
7Negative Score
51Neutral Score

Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8402 Wow, would love to.
0.7048 So fucking sexy!!!
0.6793 Absolutely gorgeous!
0.6696 Love those nips!
0.6696 I think my love would be all over your hands!
0.6588 That was awesome!
0.6588 Awesome view!
0.6588 Awesome body!
0.6581 Fucking amazing!
0.6444 Very, very sexy!
0.6399 AWESOME tits!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5836 You are so damn hot!
-0.5423 Hoooly fuck.
-0.5255 Real or fake they're specular!
-0.4574 Damn that is so hot!
-0.4574 Damn those nips!
-0.3578 Spectacular tits!!
-0.1027 You always make me hard.
0.0 I don't mind!
0.0 Keep posting.
0.0 keep on going!!!!!!!!!
0.0 Incredible!
0.0 Made my Saturday.