/u/yinzer1 is very positive!

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41Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8625 Beautiful smile, awesome tits.
0.8398 Well, now to take care of the rise in my pants ;) Thank you!
0.8264 Yes, yes, yes!!
0.729 AWESOME nipples!
0.7269 Wish I had a girl like you ;)
0.7096 Thanks for the boner :)
0.7027 ...and WOW!
0.69 Wow, awesome ass!
0.6892 Awesome body!!
0.6696 Wish I had a neighbor like you!
0.6696 I love your public nudity!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.68 Killer body!
-0.6239 Son of a bitch!
-0.5848 Holy fuck that is one hot photo!
-0.5848 Fuck that's hot!
-0.5836 You are just so damn hot!
-0.5106 Can I use my dick instead of my fingers?
-0.4574 Damn, you're the total package!
-0.4574 Your body is insane!
-0.296 Loaded weapon.
-0.1007 Sexy as fuck!
0.0 You can work in my office!
0.0 Fucking hot!