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0.9245 sounds like "blitz Craig" xD loved the comic man, good job! []
0.8779 awww this is cute and funny I love the title BTW
0.8633 is "play", doesn't matter if it's win or lose as long as it is at least with 1 friend and playing diablo hero.
0.8591 lol that ending good job xD
0.8537 congratulations for the 3rd place! good day for Malaysia indeed, just try not to crash those wings.
0.8173 you have the art really perfected, it's just a matter of time you'll find the right winning comic
0.8114 happy cake day!! I really liked the comic, specially the india-iran never ending food cycle
0.7964 xD well, yeah, the Cruz Azul comparison is the perfect analogy for Depression Month
0.7804 What a nice comic :D
0.7777 but oh well. and thanks!
0.7749 also, /u/MyNameIsntMac and /u/Project_J109 I'm looking forward to see more of you, those were really nice comics, welcome aboard!

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-0.9022 I get is not the way to go but hearing them shitting on Checo for 2 weeks gets tiresome as hell
-0.784 this is so sad and creepy at the same time :(
-0.7096 yeah, two weeks of people tagging that idiot as the victim gets annoying
-0.5859 Mexican fans can see bullshit when it happens
-0.5423 that was just bad driving, plain and simple.
-0.4811 none xD Polandball relying on news got trendy because lately there is so much stupidity going on around the world, but at its roots Polandball can be atemporal from news.
-0.4767 and Ocon is a terrible teammate
-0.4588 that is retarded, because he'd either make his teammate lose 2 places or you make the ferrari gain on BOTH of the Force indias if Ocon was really going to "give back the place"
-0.4497 sorry mate, but Mexicans were living in the southern USA long before americans. there is no coming back from multiculturalism.
-0.4466 check the fking Force india Manager on Twitter to see how Force india sticks with NO team orders @TheVijayMallya you can't have a Team order when the team **doesn't do team orders**...
-0.4019 it's on the damn team radio, go check it out
-0.3818 Depression month in Planetball as well