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0.9008 oh this is a GREAT take on the Uranus pun lol I like how they all play tricks on earth
0.8857 :D I'm very glad you liked it
0.8519 much better yes. Mexico looking at the backgroud is perfect.
0.8478 Nicaragua at the end is lovely. Great job!
0.8415 ##HOW CAN I GIVE SEAL OF APPROVAL ON PLANETBALL? this is one the best comics in here omg.
0.8271 xD well aliens could have been a nice touch.
0.8168 o_O oh god that's a lot responsability on my shoulders xD thank you!!
0.8011 gracias!! stay strong amigo :3
0.7959 Mexico looking at the distance was a perfect representation on how we have been looking for a team. which reminds me, Canada has also teams on the MLS. welcome aboard!
0.7783 super classy
0.7749 hey welcome aboard! noce to see that blue flag, TIL something! the sub really needs comics about soth america or the caribbean, so is always nice to have a submitter form that region.

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-0.7533 the art is not only amazing but the POV perspective was an amazing way to tell the story amazingly done!
-0.4389 why spinning on his grave? it's an homage!
-0.34 TIL Sirius is a jerk. he has the right to, for he shines the birghtest
-0.296 no, I'm vegan
-0.2808 :O TIL muh galletas mara are international
-0.25 it's a good thing he didn't direct the cold war.
-0.25 the [Spy vs Spy theme] has been stuck in my head all morning
0.0 [] we need more Cuba in this sub
0.0 cuba took it for cigars
0.0 don't sleep. make a sketch in paper tgo check story flow and timing before drawing.
0.0 I know right?
0.0 if I could be paid to make Polandball comics all day!!