/u/xynder0 is kind of a dick.

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0.8481 postal inspectors is a great job, postal police not so great.
0.765 awesome story, you are a gentleman and a scholar. edit: and thank you for your service
0.7579 sugar can cause weight gain indirectly by adding calories, but eating sweets does not directly cause diabetes.
0.6908 if he is accepting guilt PRIOR to the election, good on him. If he is only apologizing and admitting guilt AFTER he won?
0.6808 nice nice so how much money could one make selling human grease
0.6124 Yes, they can put their hands on you, that's why they follow the 5 above steps to make 100% sure the shoplifting case is airtight.
0.5994 super mario 64 was the second coming of christ.
0.5473 the sheriffs were just waiting for the judge to say "contempt" LOL
0.5267 ppl at whole foodsare kind ofo e\people that inhalle and drink their own putrid farts
0.5267 type 1 is the kind you are born with.

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-0.8957 all you have to do is eat a balanced diet and don't eat too much shit. all this fasting/cleaning shit is horse shit.
-0.8225 this idiot has gun arrests.
-0.802 fuck the "organic" scam
-0.7992 i become overly touchy/feely and have cried, but hey it's better than being an angry fuck
-0.7783 Sat in my room playing it to all hours of the night, much to my father's chagrin I would kill a hooker for a revival.
-0.7537 roided out; so angry he can't think; wad of chewing tobacco over/under on this guy's blood pressure?
-0.7184 what is this called, the psych disorder where you are unable to empathize/feel others' pain?
-0.7096 staying in bed sucks and makes you feel disgusting.
-0.6808 this guy is a cold blooded motherfucker
-0.6732 If so, FUCK HIM.
-0.6597 lawful evil.
-0.6378 you're saying she stopped drinking water and almost died?