/u/xynder0 is kind of a dick.

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0.6597 yes, not even the carrion eaters would be interested in their radiated corpses
0.6575 Bayer makes a good flea collar that isn't as irritating as the spot treatments, I use it on my dogs.
0.6249 with some fava beans and a nice chianti, i'm sure.
0.5859 i hope you're joking
0.5809 any soap, lotion, shampoo, tooth paste, etc etc can't hurt you no matter where you get it.
0.5319 the only way to TREAT fleas/ticks is with medication.
0.5007 you know people inhale a shitload of cocaine for years, get clean, and live to their 80s???
0.4939 thumb looks like a huge red cock
0.4767 yeah right in your touchhole because ff15's combat was about as fun as an aborted fetus on a merry-go-round
0.4588 welcome to america
0.4588 Grand Juries ARE democratic.

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-0.8126 they are able to use mind games to subjugate males and fuck all the bitches.
-0.7906 the skies shall rain fire, the seas shall become as blood, and all creation shall tremble beneath the burning standards of Hell
-0.7906 has Shia transitioned from "fuck you" money to "fuck me" money?
-0.7845 you dumb shit.
-0.743 beetle juice is gettin' his dick sucked
-0.7089 no wonder her son is a fucking loser.
-0.705 same reason that vitamins/herbal supplements make crazy claims but they all have the FDA disclaimer which translates to "not intended to actually do a goddamn thing"
-0.7003 no way this shit was covered by hipaa.
-0.6808 e: booting the game should open an actual portal to hell e2: pre-ordering should involve an actual blood pact wherein you pledge your very soul to powers unfathomable in exchange for early access
-0.6808 trucker meth is a hell of a drug
-0.5994 you are describing neither of these. i am 31 and was having bright red bleeding, freaked me the hell out.
-0.5859 this is why it's fine to eat rare steak, because the outside has been exposed to flame/high heat, and germs are dead.