/u/xynder0 is kind of a dick.

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0.8481 postal inspectors is a great job, postal police not so great.
0.765 way too many good games out to reward Bioware for this shitshow.
0.765 awesome story, you are a gentleman and a scholar. edit: and thank you for your service
0.7579 sugar can cause weight gain indirectly by adding calories, but eating sweets does not directly cause diabetes.
0.6908 Chipotle is probably the safest, cleanliest place to eat now, honestly.
0.6808 nice nice so how much money could one make selling human grease
0.6705 it is impossible to build perfectly on a line, he doens't want a situation where it is a centimeter on her property.
0.6597 Awesome just want I need after the burrito bowl blows prolapses my anus
0.6249 great OP your mom is a class act
0.5994 "ayyy lmao"
0.5859 yes i can see one having a ton of energy and being productive for a 10 hour workday after eating one of these

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-0.9756 fuck gamestop, fuck their overpriced shit, fuck their reservation bullshit and actively being hostile to people who didn't preorder shit. good riddance.
-0.8225 this idiot has gun arrests.
-0.8092 well i mean the whole hitler/Third Reich thing made them the hostile actor in the conflict so yeah it would have been a war crime had they done it.
-0.802 dog will be dead in a couple years :(
-0.7964 i hate it when facts get in the way of my righteous indignation.
-0.7783 Sat in my room playing it to all hours of the night, much to my father's chagrin I would kill a hooker for a revival.
-0.7783 yeah, my father and grandfather died of lung cancer caused by breathing in vaporized plastic from overclocked video cards.
-0.7783 she is already a pain in the ass, she'd make him tear the whole thing out.
-0.7537 roided out; so angry he can't think; wad of chewing tobacco over/under on this guy's blood pressure?
-0.7351 If federal pensions fail, you will have much biger problems than retirement.
-0.7351 A land-based invasion would have cost more lives because the Japanese would have fought to the death of every man and woman able to hold a pitchfork.
-0.6921 they didn't want to surrender on our terms, so fuck 'em.