/u/xeonphire is very positive!

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0.9559 looks great, you look great too, beautiful smile :)
0.93 yup friends are definitely helping and i think i will join the gym, I hadnt thought of Pokemon go, thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it.
0.9186 wow, looks great, well done :)
0.9141 They all look great, the center left girl looks fantastic :D
0.91 wow, fantastic, well done :)
0.91 wow you look fantastic, well done :)
0.886 Wow, you look fantastic :)
0.886 Wow, you look fantastic :)
0.8481 Thanks you kind sir, you're doing good work.
0.8481 Looks great, well done :)
0.8455 still looks great :D

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-0.5312 ah well, I guess its the old adage of "if at first you don't succeed, just give up because life is meaningless anyways"....
-0.4767 where the hell do you find girls like that?
-0.4404 Vasalgel apparently got the IP for risug around 2010-2012 and is not due on the market till 2018 at the earliest.....probably later even......soooo frustrating.
-0.4019 Can confirm, Redheads........hot damn, also freckles......
-0.4019 so instead of being blind you're just 100% in the dark?...I don't think that's any better.......
-0.2023 If you want to be in love with that girl it can be done, you can grow those feelings sometimes, i dunno.......maybe i'm just lying to myself to try and get past it all :(
0.0 Ever since I've just felt hollow inside.
0.0 People keep telling me "oh you'll find someone else" and while in the past I always "knew" that was right and that I would, now when I hear it I just "know" that I wont...
0.0 ....sooo......How you doin?
0.0 You look spectacular.
0.0 ....well can't you just bring your own from home?..
0.0 Duck season!