/u/xeonphire is very positive!

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0.9559 looks great, you look great too, beautiful smile :)
0.9371 Sunny Lane http://img.spokeo.com/public/900-600/jane_adams_2006_09_13.jpg Seen some of her interviews and she is an amazing lady, funny, smart, smoking hot and she seems to enjoy herself.
0.93 yup friends are definitely helping and i think i will join the gym, I hadnt thought of Pokemon go, thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it.
0.91 wow, fantastic, well done :)
0.9042 I'm generally positive, keep the energy flowing, making jokes etc, ty and show them a good time.
0.9001 Love the hair, you look amazing :)
0.8779 Some friends and I have started a youtube channel too, plus I have a good friend being my wingwoman, she is of the impression that she should start choosing my dates.
0.8717 so beautiful, so sexy.
0.8658 The dress looks better than the cat suit style, You look amazing :)
0.8481 Thanks you kind sir, you're doing good work.
0.8455 still looks great :D

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-0.8225 We've got a similar situation here in little ol New Zealand, deaths from terrorist attacks in the last 50 years?
-0.6808 but not at the moment, would get RISUG tomorrow though if it was available damnit.
-0.5719 Backdoor sluts 9?
-0.4767 where the hell do you find girls like that?
-0.4404 Vasalgel apparently got the IP for risug around 2010-2012 and is not due on the market till 2018 at the earliest.....probably later even......soooo frustrating.
-0.4215 She became emotionally involved with her married lecturer , there was a lot of lies and mistrust, so I ended it.
-0.4019 Can confirm, Redheads........hot damn, also freckles......
-0.4019 so instead of being blind you're just 100% in the dark?...I don't think that's any better.......
-0.3875 He's not your friend, buddy...
-0.296 "The White Zone is for Loading and Unloading only, There is No Parking in the White Zone"......
-0.0372 Exactly, don't want to go to fast, but don't want to go to slow either, I guess I'm having trouble finding the ballance, but I think I have a better idea now.
0.0 ....well can't you just bring your own from home?..