/u/wu-tangNlgga is kind of a dick.

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0.8429 He's gotta be loving this LOL
0.784 Awesome this will make Trump look like he's corrupt!
0.6486 Nobody is gonna play him anymore good job Blizzard.
0.5106 This implies that we need/want the trust of Germany.
0.4939 I enjoy watching people take titles too literally here on porn subreddits
0.4537 In the end it shows a picture of him with all of the children of all the men that he saved who otherwise would've never been born had he not saved them, pretty heavy stuff.
0.4504 Creates a HUGE gap between fresh 110s and makes world content completely trivial, sad!
0.4019 late to the party r/Jenna_Jade
0.296 The fact that a salon.com article gains so much traction on this sub is pretty sad, they're about as credible as DailyMail when it comes to anything serious.
0.2808 Yea she did it LEGALLY.

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-0.8402 Trump probably makes these mistakes on purpose so the media can freak out over tiny shit.
-0.8332 Trying to annihilate racism with more racism is like trying to put out a fire with gasoline.
-0.8271 99.9 percent of whites are just normal people but this rhetoric getting tossed around is trying to vilify whites is only making the problem worse.
-0.7845 This one is one of many victims of fake news, many have fallen down this dark path.
-0.7555 If Ivanka did do something to stop this the headlines would read: TRUMP FAMILY FALLING APART, IS THE PRESSURE OF THE PRECIDENCY TO MUCH?
-0.5719 Cats, on the other hand, see all the sick shit we do and judge accordingly.
-0.5617 C'mon blizzard, tanks were the only slot with any viable competitive variety, especially with this stupid 3/2/1 meta.
-0.4767 And the poor blokes on the right can't have an opinion without getting barraged with downvotes.
-0.4767 Roadhog's terrible ult makes up for it
-0.4215 Idk the setting of the picture is 2 naked women in a forest by a fire so logic was out the window
-0.3939 Hacksaw Ridge, the fact that it's based off a true story and that guy really ran around a war zone without a gun and saved so many lives really blew me away.
-0.3612 It's a Salon article, argument over