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0.8908 Also, please look into how our own beloved United States is very fond of interfering in foreign elections, Israel for example.
0.8869 Oh how very brave and inspirational of them, really setting a good example.
0.836 All American profits right there, we should be supporting it until Wind/Solar are the complete economic winners.
0.7906 That's the problem with a religion that says Sharia is the "divine law", it's easy to claim you do it all in the name of God when the religion says that Sharia is the word of God.
0.7906 I remember a year or so back when the last thing Democrats wanted was James Comey testifying publicly, now here they are like a squad of cheerleaders on the sideline cheering him on.
0.7845 It is still a profitable business, it is a profitable domestic energy source.
0.765 Woah 12 people, everyone clearly loved the guy
0.7269 We elected a billionaire as the head of the greatest country in the world, why are people still surprised by these things?
0.7269 has never been a democracy, since democratic government systems gives all the power to the majority, giving tyranny a perfect environment to grow and thrive.
0.7184 I'd encourage a quick google on that. So much in our culture today comes from the Judeo-Christian values of our European settlers.
0.7153 Not exactly, more so giving voter relevance to voters that don't belong to massively populated states like California.

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-0.9594 There are all sorts of sick shit in the Bible, that shit is however unrelated to this argument because no one acts on that shit in the Bible.
-0.9416 This fake Russia conspiracy just makes them look so stupid and clueless, no one believes it.
-0.9239 Fake news till someone is named, if they're too scared to reveal themselves then this shit is always gonna be deemed fake news by everyone
-0.9136 Tell the 22 dead in Manchester that we didn't wanna to be islamaphobic and block the guy who killed them from going to Syria and Libya to get training.
-0.9012 I don't agree with the timing of the tweet, but why is the response after every terror attack to just act all lovey dovey to one another instead of asking tough questions?
-0.8847 This is like when the schoolyard bully acts like a big tough guy, but then when the kid he's bullying punches him back in the teeth, he goes crying to mommy.
-0.8768 They don't come from countries where they're raised to think it's ok to kill gay people or kill your wife who was raped, or think it's not rape if it is your wife.
-0.872 There is more talk about "Islamaphobia and hate" after these terror attacks than there are talks about how to prevent them.
-0.8495 The Dinosaur Media likes to make it sound like he wanted people to do it but he can't help it if whackjobs wanna go do crazy shit because they read an InfoWars article.
-0.8442 Running a baseless conspiracy as "fact" for 6 months will kill your already brittle credibility.
-0.836 Burying a dead body is illegal, asking a guy to do his job isn't.
-0.832 The fact that you feel so insecure about your political stance that you have to lurk through my past posts to defend yourself is quite sad my fellow user.