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0.8555 Caitlyn Jenner was given bravery awards, multiple magazine covers and interviews all in the name of her bravery.
0.8442 Nope, everywhere you looks there are literally hundreds articles encouraging people to embrace their own transgenderism, encouraging hormone treatment and sex change.
0.8429 He's gotta be loving this LOL
0.8408 Kinda holding a mirror up to them, and it's pretty hilarious how the left has gotten so easily triggered by it.
0.8215 The lovely thing about how justice works in America is that you need to have proof of guilt, if that does not exist, then the person is not punished.
0.8176 The 50 triggered liberal arts grads walked out on Pence, HOW BRAVE OF THEM, so bold to take a stance that literally everyone on the left has taken.
0.784 Awesome this will make Trump look like he's corrupt!
0.7436 If you're so sure you were born the wrong gender then why is your confidence so easily taken down by having to use the right bathroom?
0.7162 What the trans community wants is this perfect accepting Utopian society where we all hold in our views because this tiny minority will be offended by the FACTS.
0.7106 So it's OK to control the narrative and spin stories in their favor because they make more money for it?
0.6696 Yay more tabloid trash on top of r/politics!

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-0.953 The people who say suicide rates isn't a good way to identify a problem, you should really stop lying to yourselves because I can't think of a better way to identify the health of a group.
-0.895 This logic makes my brain hurt it's so painfully stupid.
-0.8821 You cannot truthfully tell me that transitional steps are the treatment of this illness when they are the ones who are more likely to attempt suicide than those who don't want to take these steps.
-0.8779 What the fuck, all those fat ugly feminists breaking my car windows during riots are actually Trump voters?
-0.8402 Trump probably makes these mistakes on purpose so the media can freak out over tiny shit.
-0.8271 Because roughly 40% percent of transgender individuals have attempted suicide, how hateful is it to normalize this delusion instead of getting them treatment?
-0.8236 This is as bad as celebrity tabloids, FAKE NEWS!
-0.8056 This number is doubled in those whose family disowned them, so I admit there that it is a social problem, but still a THIRD of people who don't have these family problems are still unhappy.
-0.7783 Oh that's right, they'd probably get arrested for "hate speech".
-0.7717 Weren't the libs still trashing Comey for losing them the election, but now they rush to his side because Trump fired him.
-0.765 Perhaps protest for your governments to take steps in terrorism prevention.
-0.7555 If Ivanka did do something to stop this the headlines would read: TRUMP FAMILY FALLING APART, IS THE PRESSURE OF THE PRECIDENCY TO MUCH?