/u/wenok is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8429 Love your piercing, looks so kissable
0.7845 Love you :-*
0.765 i love your tongue piercing and how you play with it
0.7644 Yeah the piercings are great!
0.7579 and you have lovely blue eyes :-*
0.7506 Yes they look delicious
0.7424 yeah, its amazing!
0.7408 Looks so nice <3
0.6908 nice piercings <3
0.6696 love your piercings!
0.6696 I love your piercings !

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4939 My only excuse is that the sun was about to set and i had to start my way home because the trails in the forrest are quiet difficult in the darkness.
-0.296 But you are right its no ring, its a curved barbell
-0.296 maybe a picture of my lower back next time ?
-0.1759 Made me realy hard!
-0.0772 I'm sorry there aren't any more.
0.0 is that nipple pierced ?
0.0 Look closer, she has a VCH.
0.0 This is Art!
0.0 And who is she?
0.0 That is hot!
0.0 And the other piercings
0.0 A litlle diffrent but maybe apealing too /r/piercedNSFW