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0.9481 u/heavymcd beat me to it, but yeah the year of Xbox live is the best value, you can get microsoft gift cards also.
0.93 I'm glad he made you laugh, he makes me laugh a lot too he is the funniest of my 3
0.9052 we wanted to get another one to put in our rec room but couldn't justify the cost, these seem like a way better option cost wise
0.9042 you look beautiful :) thank you for sharing
0.8908 This is pretty crappy to be honest, I love Rochester and have found people to be very friendly
0.8687 I am so grateful to be part of the Maiden fan community, they really go have the best fans in the world.
0.8639 My Ma really loves the ideas of the little tables so we went thrifting over the weekend and found some really cool stuff, thank you for the suggestion!
0.8588 I find having a goal like that really helps and then when you hit it it feels awesome.
0.8553 Is that a love sac those things are super expensive!
0.8455 Have a great time and fill us in after :D
0.8455 great job :D

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-0.8957 The memories of a man in his old age, are the deeds of a man in his prime, shuffle in the gloom of the sick room, and talk to yourself as you die
-0.792 When I was still in high school there was this dangerous two way stop on the way into town, the road where people didn't have to stop was 55mph.
-0.6808 They do take up a ton of room, we moved last year and had a hell of a time organizing the living room which was considerably smaller than the one in our apartment
-0.6486 I like to think of it as a puzzle but I understand why others might hate it, its time consuming
-0.5812 And to go with everybody else, def bring earplugs; as someone who has ruined their hearing from decades of shows its not worth it.
-0.4939 Your pupper is perfect, haters gonna hate
-0.4883 Keep it up and kill the debt :D
-0.4767 They ruined a bunch of his other stuff too.
-0.4767 We didn't see the actual accident just the aftermath.
-0.4577 I hadn't thought about free standing stuff, or the chairs!
-0.422 The big thing was that her parents and in-laws were cool with it since they seem to be the ones who cause the most trouble if they don't like your plans.
-0.4199 That sucks!