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0.964 I love Steve he seems like such an awesome guy, I'd love to see him on the front page :D
0.9118 I love how it goes "live laugh love" stuff, family picture frames, some lovely baskets, statue tits, dick, furniture.
0.8977 Awesome to hear you saw a great show, I'm seeing them for the first time on the 15th and I am very excited.
0.8826 What a sweet picture, she looks very happy :)
0.8807 Thank you for sharing such a cute picture <3
0.8622 You should send it in to the fan club magazine, I'm pretty sure they put pictures like this in there!
0.8439 these are really cool, did you have any sort of template or did you free hand them?
0.8353 So fun and you look gorgeous!
0.8211 This was really cool, thanks for sharing
0.8038 This is adorable :D
0.7906 One of my boys likes to watch TV with me and I just love it

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-0.8834 Probably added to my trauma, he scared the hell out of me when I was little
-0.7269 They hate it though :/
-0.7178 I also hated the self insert, it really lowered my opinion of King for a long time
-0.6486 I like to think of it as a puzzle but I understand why others might hate it, its time consuming
-0.5574 My boys refuse to cuddle, they all sleep on different levels :/
-0.4767 My boys can be gross and will literally roll around in pee if I don't wipe up a ledge fast enough so I need to wash them every once in a while.
-0.4201 I know that's one of the more difficult aspects of the costume.
-0.3412 I didn't know that, thanks for the tidbit.
-0.34 Grapes always give my boys the poops though :/
-0.2846 Its always a good time, and we have a gym and a couple of Pokestops in the park where its held but its out in Walworth so a bit of a hike :/
-0.2732 They are so much more civil than my boys, they would be trying to drag the plate away and making a huge mess.
-0.2732 We're going to splice in the classic march for a couple of bars to signal to our guests and then cut to the actual song.