/u/weedygoodness is kind of a dick.

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0.902 I mean you clearly care about them. That's why you only have 77 comment karma over FOUR YEARS, because shitposting is all you care about. So yes, we're calling you out on that.
0.8481 Alright but doxxing is good and funny and also idgaf what happens to other redditors
0.8193 I guarantee you 95% of us downvoted this without reading and moved on Does it hurt to be this autistic or is it more like a gentle bliss?
0.765 You should be honored for the opportunity to serve us.
0.7501 Pretty fucking easy way around this for anybody who thinks for ten seconds. Just rip it off.
0.6249 Waterloo's land value is through the roof, Kitchener is meth central and Cambridge is 'we wish we were meth central'
0.6124 Yeah, nice try.
0.4939 That's pretty much it.
0.4939 I'm going to enjoy watching your comment karma melt away
0.4854 I don't give a fuck about how you can make a boulder if it's not an integral part of a greater scheme. This is all flash and no bang.
0.4588 Well, mostly not. Also I mean duh, it's through the roof here because it's the only place worth living.

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-0.9735 cyberpunk is happening oh fuck it's happening for real god dammit why did I throw out all of that tacky neon shit and giant pants fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
-0.9028 DAE LE GEMM?!?!?!?!?!?!? Seriously fuck this bullshit noncontent picture of a game cover Also this game is garbage
-0.8979 Conservatives are evil, that's all there is to it. They meet or exceed qualifiers we have for shit like Disney villains at this point.
-0.8832 It's fucked up what capitalism does to young minds, fighting for a corporation before you even know what one is, it's really sad quite frankly
-0.8689 Get fucked, you reposting, karmawhoring faggot
-0.8491 You don't have a TV? Are you retarded? Are you the sort of dumb bitch who loves a small screen because it's 'quaint'?
-0.8402 You're a reposting, karmawhoring faggot who hasn't made a comment in a week who doesn't know what apostrophes are or are used for Knock that shit off
-0.8402 I would say we're worse than that, those people were just stupid, we're being disingenuous and shitty knowing full well the consequences of our actions
-0.7964 You're in trouble for being a reposting, karmawhoring faggot
-0.7481 Why are people so pissed about this?
-0.717 I mean, most of them are insufferable assholes What can you say about the personality of somebody who isn't capable of self-reflection?
-0.7096 This ancient common repost is older than you are Also you haven't made a reddit comment in over a month but you've got the time to vomit this ancient shit at us?