/u/weedygoodness is a total dick!

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0.92 More like I'm your superior trying to enlighten people with my superior cybercraft
0.9081 I mean, you're also a rube and I'm pretty sure there's a correlation between being a rube and being happy and friendly.
0.8402 Oh yeah, your archaic two party system is doing just great.
0.7959 The super bright thing that moves real fast!
0.7769 No, gaming does not need more already popular IPs turned into busybox playcenters for rich early adopters. We need new IPs breaking fresh, new gameplay ground.
0.765 Great, a centrist and a conservative. I guess that's the end of France's claim to being the bastion of civilization. I guess that's now Germany or like I dunno, some nordic country?
0.7096 Seems like a miscarriage of justice that this is allowed to continue
0.7089 That's probably a better plan, I don't know how much more convincing this dude needs That being said, they had planned on moving.
0.659 Yeah you and the other fifty people who said this before you Also, that's the whole point of this post, otherwise this isn't newsworthy at all So, thanks for that
0.6478 Oh yeah, everything is against you guys, you're the most powerful country in the world.
0.6369 States love to feed 'problem' citizens to other states.

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-0.9413 Just another disgusting treatment of Japanese girls in the shitty idol industry. Forced into what is essentially slavery, they are not allowed to have any kind of life while being an idol.
-0.8966 They're old enough to have legible handwriting, they're old enough to learn how to spell It's time to get fucking angry at either your kids or their teachers because this shit is unacceptable
-0.886 Get fucked, stop deflecting with your ad-hominem bullshit and delete your account.
-0.8678 "lol some dumb faggot was trying to feed his family by selling weed, well his ass is in jail now and we foreclosed on his house and just took his fucking car with no paperwork.
-0.836 Fuck your circlejerking ancient common repost, you reposting karmawhoring faggot
-0.8294 Fuck, it's about time. It took you idiots down there months to come to blows with each other over this shit. You have a childlike madman in your President's chair and these fuckheads put him there.
-0.802 I mean, you wanna dig up a corpse and fuck it, that's your business, chief
-0.7964 Ignorance is a hell of a drug.
-0.7909 Listen dude, your English isn't as good as you think it is. From now on, just post whatever you're posting in whatever the hell your native language is and we'll google translate it ourselves.
-0.7814 You're a notorious karmawhore and an account groomer, I don't know anything about this particular situation but I wouldn't put it past you to delete your shit
-0.7783 What the fuck are we supposed to get out of this now, dumb fucking karmawhore?
-0.7645 That fucking pikachoke shit straight fell out of a time warp from four years ago. Also, let's look at comment karma vs post karma, that shit is completely out of whack