/u/weedygoodness is a total dick!

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0.7604 Does it hurt to be this autistic or is it more like a gentle bliss?
0.743 Please please please let this be about christian american terrorists. I'd love some fun targets that I can remorselessly dispatch
0.743 cool, now answer all the shit on that twisted metal post you made
0.7184 Alright well now I *have* to watch it, thanks asshole
0.6901 So far the most entertaining part of this post has been looking at your username with the Xs bordering it like it's still 1998 or something
0.6901 Looks more like eight months of work rather than eight years But we'll give 'er a pirate, see how she goes Got any good links?
0.6124 Get over yourself, talking about different tastes of water Of all the shit to have an opinion about
0.5859 I mean to be fair, that's everything in Japan. Minimum wage is like seventeen USD
0.4939 Jesus fucking christ, should I have used hand puppets?
0.4927 I fucking hope so because this is bullshit."
0.4767 Seems like a pretty slam dunk case to me.

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-0.872 Not that you should have any trouble identifying that the taco is not a mexican food item if you know shit about shit.
-0.8703 Like immediately. It may or may not be obvious to you but this screams "I am a rube on vacation with too much money and not enough sense, please rob me"
-0.8689 Get fucked you karmawhoring faggot That rugrats video is nearly a decade old
-0.8555 I don't remember saying LP anywhere, maybe you should check again. And no shit, I know what he's talking about, you're the one who thinks the word 'security' on some shit is somehow legit
-0.8481 Because shithead teenagers buy it and pass it off as weed to other shithead teenagers
-0.836 Anything you wear that can be determined to be used intentionally to steal with can get you charged with serious felonies and shit like 'intent to use burglar's tools' and shit like that. No thanks.
-0.802 Nobody who knows shit about shit calls Taco Bell mexican. It's tex-mex. It's so fucking obvious, a five second google search will key you into this knowledge.
-0.7964 Got a little reading material for you here, chief: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/katy-t3h-pengu1n-of-d00m Also, while I'm here, fuck your ancient common repost with the shitty clichee title
-0.7964 His thought process: "This dumb bitch and her elaborate ceremony.
-0.7964 You still haven't explained why the fuck you're stashing shit in the first place, none of this addresses my point in the slightest.
-0.7943 Don't pigeonhole an entire fucking gender, you dumb bastard
-0.7902 You're the fucking idiot who doesn't know your vs you're, he was right the first time, you stupid fucking tismo