/u/waterwanter is kind of a dick.

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0.8344 Hey, it's long and gives a counterpoint to the OP, so I guess it's honest and thoughtful and I should upvote and support it.
0.7851 These people are always like "LOL 4CHAN IS SO SMAHT!!!
0.714 Damn son, you got me? Well this pretty much proves that it's true.
0.6972 OK, well I guess you can keep repeating yourself but it just seems like you didn't read the article and that you don't understand journalism.
0.6908 Furthermore, your denial is pretty see through, and looks like more proof.
0.6808 Trump is a populist bullshitter, he won for a bunch of reasons, but probably the least of which are dipshits like T_D and /pol/.
0.6705 I'm pretty sure I just saw this post over there.
0.6652 Clinton and DNC may be warhawks too, but to act like Trump was some fucking olive branch extending peacenik?
0.6597 Yeah, it pretty much does though.
0.6377 I mean, since you haven't denied it, it must be true.
0.6249 Obviously they embrace that mythos because it makes them feel powerful when they are the opposite in the real world .

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-0.9217 "The only real racism is racism against white people" - Racist White Person
-0.8932 Not even one bad guy has come out and said "I am the bad guy, please kill me" yet!
-0.8689 "Haha, murder people I disagree with/who slightly inconvenience me!"
-0.8518 Holy shit you fucking trumpets are PATHETIC.
-0.8481 Now you can forget about all that racial discrimination nonsense we can move on, right?" I hate these "feel good" cop stories, it's always such a bunch of bullshit.
-0.8442 Then they want to cry and whine when people call them assholes.
-0.8225 Every single day is a new disaster and if you can't see that, then you need to pull your head out of your ass and get real.
-0.7906 Star wars is stupid.
-0.7717 Holy shit, I didn't even know this level of dipshit existed before Trump pulled you all out of his asshole.
-0.7644 In the movies, the good guys just go in to the warehouse where the bad guys are and kill them!
-0.7534 Sorry, but if you are upset about me pointing that out, I can't help you.
-0.7269 My sources in the NSA, CIA, FBI, and your mom have all been telling me that you steal Trump's dirty underwear and wear them on your face when you go to sleep.