/u/waterwanter is kind of a dick.

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0.8834 Yeah, it's super easy to be calm about it when they aren't targeting you.
0.8225 You win, wow, I am so flummoxed.
0.8202 "The sky isn't blue, 1+1 =/= 2, and trump isn't and obvious racist" OK, well you can think whatever you want.
0.802 Yes, stand in the middle and protect those nazis, that is what good people do.
0.7615 Yes, getting continually conned in to working against your own interests to enrich people who don't give a fuck about you is you "winning".
0.7351 Never address the point, always duck and dodge, this shows that you are strong and have good ideology.
0.7269 Calling nazi sympathizers out feels pretty good actually.
0.7258 And yeah, the nazis that stayed home and didn't do shit didn't get fought.
0.6898 They stand up and say "well hey maybe there is something to genocide, we should not overreact" Fuck you.
0.6705 Lol, trump supporters crying, now that is funny.
0.6705 "Hi, here is my bigoted point of view, now explain to me how that it is bigoted" Like, I honestly can't believe you.

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-0.9626 If you stand up for a monument of racism, war, and slavery, you are a fucking piece of shit no matter what you call yourself.
-0.9382 Why would I waste my time digging through that vile shit when you could google "donald trump racist" and literally spend a month reading about why.
-0.886 I guess you're just a shit tier troll if you already know this shit and are still acting like a dumbass who's ignorant of history.
-0.8834 Holy shit, your example of left-wing extremists is a bunch of asshole teenagers with no political affiliation who committed a terrible crime?
-0.872 The other people were also bad, and if you march with white supremacists and neo-nazis, those people are fucked too.
-0.8442 I once watched a puppy drown while I murdered a kitten and drank it's blood.
-0.8402 If you don't see that trump is racist, you might be a racist.
-0.836 I mean, you know that in the bible there is a commandment to literally kill a whole group of people because they are deemed enemies of the early Israelites?
-0.8074 You need to fuck off with that false-equivalency bullshit.
-0.802 Typical lying bullshit.
-0.7964 False. I mean, this is just a bunch of dumb bullshit spouted by an internet rando.
-0.7783 Fuck yourself, idiot.