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0.926 Awesome, cool yeah I just moved off base so I might be in luck I hope.
0.9255 Gotcha, thanks a lot for the response :D I'm guessing my ab work is probably okay to do everyday then :P I only do like 5x30sec planks, and this ab coaster thing
0.925 Oh cool okay that's good to know :D Sweet I'll check that out!
0.9184 Wow this table is super inexpensive and looks surprisingly nice!
0.9084 Hum sweet okay I'll try that out :D Thanks!!
0.9067 Awesome :D Thanks!
0.9067 Awesome :D that's good to hear!
0.9067 Awesome :D thanks!
0.906 Thanks a lot yeah definitely think that would be our best next move!
0.9022 He bit my hand 3 times and somehow scratched my nipple pretty good lol
0.9012 but that sucks about the smell :P I just ordered some from rogue so I hope I don't have the same issue lol!

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-0.8398 Oh no way :( sorry that's rough, those suckers are so quick!
-0.737 I'm not sure if that's how that works, but then it prompts me with exit_boot failed!
-0.61 I'm not but I've heard it makes it really difficult!
-0.5983 Guild Wars 2!
-0.5627 If I was a wolf for 24 hours I would be upset that I couldn't play video games anymore and probably go buy a toyota.
-0.5574 In order to loose 2lbs a week I should eat at my TDEE -500 cals so 1489, then workout to burn approx 500, to loose a total of approx 2 lbs a week?
-0.5562 efi_main failed!
-0.54 So frustrating!
-0.4497 I'd try to check but I'm on a Mac :\ What are you trying to use to log / capture the keystrokes?
-0.4404 It's enabled, the only option I have that I could change with that is Legacy & UEFI or just UEFI :(
-0.4005 I feel extremely stressed and we don't get a lot of sleep.
-0.3804 It's so bizarre only happening during running.