/u/want2obey is very positive!

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0.9358 Oh my god I totally wish I had this outfit, it looks super hawt on you babe, i'm sure you'll make any man happy!
0.9277 It should be quite obvious from the content that it's fantasy :D I'm really flattered that its convincing enough that you have to question it though xoxo
0.9217 Oooh thats a good idea, thanks for the kind words xoxo
0.8979 Thanks for the kind compliments <3
0.8904 haha unfortunately I can't help with that, best of luck to you though :D
0.8894 I love you, you are the perfect little doll xox <3
0.8878 If you have any questions or comments please do put them, I'm going to be making more Femdom themed captions in the future so I'd love to get feedback from the community. Happy teasing!
0.886 Glad your wife has been enjoying these though xoxo
0.8481 Glad you like it :) and I hope you were teased.
0.8225 hawt <3 Thanks for sharing.
0.8176 Thankyou, i'm glad you like it :)

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-0.5267 This set was done by a website called Wicked I believe.
-0.4404 So i can't use Imgur anymore :( xox
-0.4404 Sorry my bad ;)
-0.34 unfortunately not as its still being worked on.
-0.296 I typically give it a once over with some talc to dry it out and stop it from sticking, will this dressing aid be able to replace that?
-0.2617 Which is a real shame, but at least I shouldn't have that issue anymore.
-0.1943 Which is a damn shame, /u/Latex_Lola is one of the hottest sissies around :D xox
-0.0387 sorry, but imgur keeps deleting any of my new albums due to their content.
0.0 I'm trying to find the time as making these captions is quite time consuming.
0.0 I've got another 3 planned which you will see mentioned at the end of this one.
0.0 let me know what you think.
0.0 Thankyou xox