/u/vxx is slightly positive.

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0.8374 That's not true at all, but I didn't mean his opinion about the temporary change, I accept that because it was a bold move to do that joke.
0.8176 It was a bold move and the acceptance is better than I expected.
0.7799 From the times before, he surprisingly had only a few bruises and wasn't hurt bad.
0.7717 Humour is when you laugh anyway.
0.7384 That's the reason reddit is so great.
0.7269 Yesterday when everything was set up and I got mostly positive responses, I slept like a baby.
0.7105 If you have a good submission that you don't want to waste with a German title, wait until tommorow ;)
0.7003 Actually, so far it went way better than I could hope for.
0.6808 It's definitely better for the sub if you aren't a member.
0.6808 Thanks, I appreciate it.
0.6808 I would be interested if you managed to play both or got stuck at one, like I usually do.

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-0.9136 Ausserdem sind die "neueren" Zge kacke und stndig sind irgendwelche Tren kaputt, die Toiletten ausser Betrieb oder die Bremsen blockieren.
-0.8834 Die mods hatten doch letztens die Regeln verschrft um den wachsenden spam entgegen zu wirken.
-0.7717 The day I become selfish will be the first day of destroying what I have built.
-0.7506 Mir fallen schon nach 30 Stunden RL die Finger ab.
-0.7506 I meant his terrible way to talk and insult people unnecessarily, as if it would ever be necessary.
-0.6757 I like to make jokes from time to time, but mod abuse isn't my style...besides changing the language of a subreddit.
-0.6652 My initial idea was to change it back after 10 days, but you know, Internet time is different and I might get sick of it very soon and change it back.
-0.6124 No worries, it will only be temporarily.
-0.5994 Einmal umgestellt sind downvotes genau so einzustufen wie weniger upvotes als die anderen Kommentare.
-0.5994 Ich habe die Vermutung, dass wir durch das Camping in /r/unexpected/new den "donald" Algorithmus ausgelst haben.
-0.5994 Frher haben sie Spiele CDs reingemacht, das war toll.
-0.5994 Eine Freundin schickt mir immer Postkarten aus den Ausland, und anstelle einer Marke schreibt sie STS in die Ecke.