/u/vxx is kind of a dick.

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0.8873 The night time raid of October 9th raid infamously struck the iconic St Pauls Cathedral but luckily the bomb did not detonate.
0.7469 Yeah, extremists do the same, but that's the reason that average believers of Islam are taught peace, the same as average Christians.
0.743 He's successful at finding stuff people like and posting them.
0.6808 Please feel free to resubmit with a complete question and some additional info in the text box.
0.6369 Please send a [message to the moderators] when you're done separating your opinion from your facts. Thanks a lot
0.6249 Have a great day too.
0.624 I think he's the most successful reddit user of all time.
0.5859 [Very Salty] In their defense, for a lot of users it's just a circlejerk and they report it for fun.
0.5563 You would have to ask the creator to get a thoroughly honest answer.
0.4932 I guess the admins got better at detecting those bots and they aren't a huge problem anymore.
0.484 No, it's definitely biased but not hateful.

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-0.836 You're still trying to frame me as hateful for disagreeing with a subreddit that is built on hating minorities.
-0.8316 Ich wollte nur die blichen Antworten wiedergeben, die man stndig zu hren bekommt.
-0.8316 Die Service Mitarbeiter knnten fr die Dauer des Einsatzes auf der Insel bernachten und mssten nicht extra tglich anreisen und hoffen, dass das Wetter mitspielt.
-0.8316 Es besitzt ein Monopol auf die Bor-Vorkommen in der Trkei, die zwei Drittel der weltweit bekannten Lagersttten ausmachen.
-0.7506 It's a reference to the movie Fight Club, but they use it to spread a conspiracy theory.
-0.743 He first found a back drop of firefighters struggling to contain a fire then he borrowed a milkmans outfit and a craft of bottles.
-0.6652 They weren't compromised because Trump only tried to compromise them but failed.
-0.6652 It has become a joke for most of them, but there are some people that take this whole thing way too serious and are following him around, and threatening him.
-0.644 Ich wei nicht mehr wie lange das ursprngliche Video auf Twitter war, 1:50? Hat nochmal jemand einen Link?
-0.6369 He then got his assistant to pose among the ruins of a city street while the firefighters fought in the background.
-0.6329 It's important for the mods that they go out and find content to submit, every day until it runs on its own, so that people that get linked to it don't get the impression it is dead.
-0.6124 Fred Morley wanting to get some sort of record of the devastation out to the world thought of a situation that the censors would approve.