/u/virtualme_1970 is very positive!

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0.9723 What is underneath your pyjamas is absolutely gorgeous sexy perfection!!! Love the pale curves and lovely breasts!
0.9227 The natural light does nothing but accentuate your truly gorgeous body!!! You remain an incredible beauty!!!!
0.8689 Important to get all clean and fresh first before the partying ;) Very sexy ass!!
0.8647 I would love to be practiced on by you!!! I know I have been away for a bit, but you remain as remarkable as ever!!!
0.851 You are positively gorgeous!!!
0.8478 Beautiful closeups of a gorgeous pussy!
0.8402 It is awesome to see your beautiful body and posts again.
0.8356 Love those long legs leading up to that yummy slit!
0.8313 Great pics and sexy view!
0.8217 Fantastic ensemble and an even more fabulous woman inside it!
0.8074 Your pretty pussy looks great "dressed"in white ;).

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.722 Not just your pussy, but ass too!
-0.6571 That ass is the "stuff" of legend!!!
-0.5848 Your ass is just so incredible!
-0.4754 So sorry that you have to feel lonely.
-0.296 Man I missed seeing that.
-0.1366 No I didn't forget.
-0.1007 Holy sexy ass, Batman!
-0.0516 I am envious ;)
0.0 But the look in your eye is .....mmm
0.0 Only on the outside, methinks
0.0 You rock that jeans and tank look!!!
0.0 And it is impossible not to watch you!!!