/u/virtualme_1970 is very positive!

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0.9723 What is underneath your pyjamas is absolutely gorgeous sexy perfection!!! Love the pale curves and lovely breasts!
0.8832 You have some truly impressive nipples and post some amazing picture sets!
0.8689 Important to get all clean and fresh first before the partying ;) Very sexy ass!!
0.8589 And man does my imagination wish that was mine you were showing off so happily ;)
0.8478 Beautiful closeups of a gorgeous pussy!
0.8402 It is awesome to see your beautiful body and posts again.
0.8395 You are a gorgeous, wet and sexy babe!!
0.8395 You are gorgeous and sexy!!
0.8356 Love those long legs leading up to that yummy slit!
0.8313 Great pics and sexy view!
0.8268 Gorgeous, pale and sexy!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7269 That seems an awful shame.
-0.722 Not just your pussy, but ass too!
-0.6249 No need to freak out at all.
-0.5859 Who wouldn't simply adore you!!!
-0.5848 Your ass is just so incredible!
-0.4754 So sorry that you have to feel lonely.
-0.25 Now why are you alone in a hotel room?
-0.1501 You are not kidding at all in that title!
-0.1366 No I didn't forget.
-0.126 Nerdy girls totally get me going!
-0.1007 Holy sexy ass, Batman!
-0.1007 I think blood pressure is up as is a certain swelling!