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0.93 It was fun performance, and overall a good job. **Zoomyx:** Wow, just wow.
0.923 :) Also, thank you, Gloria, so much for hosting such an enjoyable season and giving us some legendary challenges that I hope will be repeated later on!
0.8957 This was super fun to watch, and I wanted to comment on some of the positive things I felt when watching this week.
0.8919 See if you can adjust the settings on your recording device to where it can deal with the zoom issues, but otherwise, super fucking enjoyable.
0.8588 Joan would have done great during Gloria's story week. Great job, y'all!
0.8585 Y'all were great, and it was amazing to watch the season and see the twists and turns that came along the way!!
0.8555 I 100% agree about Sahara and think the biggest shade was only having a top 2 that week when Sahara was the clear 3rd, especially after watching the bonus clips.
0.8402 Ginger also carried her notes much better than Adore and wore an outfit that was a greater quality than Adore's was.
0.8307 The Alanis song choice was perfection, the background on-point, the outfit hit the mark, and the editing brought so much joy to me.
0.826 Amazing job, and welcome!!!
0.8251 Please keep delivering amazingly fun syncs like this one :).

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-0.9312 You should just kill yourself because you are just a vile bitch!
-0.836 The critiques they gave her were dumb as hell.
-0.8074 Well, at the Haters Roast, Phi Phi made a side comment on how Ru should have fired her makeup artist, so my guess is that there was a backstage fight during season 9.
-0.7424 Snatch game is essentially the turning point to which if you haven't won a challenge at that point, you are more than likely not going to win the season.
-0.7184 Any problems about her making it that far is failing to look at the performances up until the end.
-0.7034 Imagine the feelings of sensitive self-worth Adore mentioned being comprised in PhI Phi. NO ONE deserves being treated that horribly for what Phi Phi has done on a fake TV show.
-0.6486 You know how to structure a video, and I have no doubt that you will continue to crush this competition with your performance each week.
-0.6486 Adore was trying to use her charisma to get away with her lack of effort just like she did in season 6, and Michelle gave no fucks about Adore's bullshit.
-0.636 Die, you fucking snake!
-0.5859 I tend to steer clear of anything negative in this commentary, namely cause y'all didn't ask for my damn opinion anyway.
-0.5848 Fuck yourself!
-0.5719 To justify their behavior means you must agree with it, and to be frank, you would be wrong in your analysis and should think about why it is wrong to vilify another human being for such small words.