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0.9652 Keep up the good work and best of luck with the bloodbath! **mtd1988:** Despite of our history, I wish you the best of the luck in this competition.
0.9401 The best of luck making it through the bloodbath, yo!! **Sean:** Haha, this performance was unique and inventive and marvelous.
0.9356 I loved all of this and am so happy you auditioned this year and gave us all this magnificent video.
0.9324 Best of luck with the bloodbath, and I am excited to see what you continue to produce for the subreddit in the future. **Miss Toni:** Haha, I really dug this song, and your video as well!
0.93 It was fun performance, and overall a good job. **Zoomyx:** Wow, just wow.
0.923 :) Also, thank you, Gloria, so much for hosting such an enjoyable season and giving us some legendary challenges that I hope will be repeated later on!
0.9168 You chose such a really good song to show your emotions and gave me the thrills from a super fun performance.
0.9157 =) **Giraffez:** I am so happy to see country music being representing, and your outfit reveal was exceptionally fun!
0.906 Please continue to deliver such rad stuff and good luck with the bloodbath . Wow, yall!
0.9042 I love a good split screen , and you did a great job bringing it.
0.9015 Best of luck with the bloodbath, yo!! **David Robbed:** A very interesting take!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9312 You should just kill yourself because you are just a vile bitch!
-0.836 The critiques they gave her were dumb as hell.
-0.7184 Any problems about her making it that far is failing to look at the performances up until the end.
-0.7177 Kill it, y'all!
-0.7034 Imagine the feelings of sensitive self-worth Adore mentioned being comprised in PhI Phi. NO ONE deserves being treated that horribly for what Phi Phi has done on a fake TV show.
-0.6486 You know how to structure a video, and I have no doubt that you will continue to crush this competition with your performance each week.
-0.6486 Adore was trying to use her charisma to get away with her lack of effort just like she did in season 6, and Michelle gave no fucks about Adore's bullshit.
-0.6369 This killed it for me this week, and I want more from you during this competition.
-0.636 Die, you fucking snake!
-0.6031 I dont care even if you lost your phone or if you have herpes: I really cant wait to see what youll give us as the season draws on.
-0.5859 I tend to steer clear of anything negative in this commentary, namely cause y'all didn't ask for my damn opinion anyway.
-0.5848 Fuck yourself!