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0.9273 Pros: * Great food. * Great bars. * Tons of events and social activities, always something to do. * Great public transit, or just walk! Cons: * Expensive. * Loud. * Everywhere is crowded.
0.9186 The system is designed to work for a two party system as well. I voted 3rd party as did others but I did it knowing there was zero way a 3rd party could win.
0.8858 As an American I wish we had better public transit, especially trains, and a better more accepting drinking culture instead of our binge drinking one.
0.8656 Funny how if you're military personnel engaged in a military operation in a warzone you get fired on by other engaged forces. Regardless, not a war crime.
0.8176 Now I think smart safety features on guns are a neat idea.
0.8 Vodka martinis are extremely popular and Vodka is the most popular spirit in Ameeica.
0.6933 It's not a matter of being great, good, fair, or bad.
0.6808 Trump is a douche-nozzle but Republican and Democratic presidents have supported Saudi as well.
0.6759 So how do you determine someone without a criminal history is a criminal?
0.6597 There is no perfect safe.
0.6369 At best it presents hypotheticals.

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-0.91 So out if curiosity you think a rape or murder with a knife should have a lesser sentence than with a gun?
-0.8481 [In the 20th Century alone governments killed over 260 million of their own citizens.] Europe it self had multiple oppressive regimes and genocides.
-0.8481 I am saying that the vast majority of gun deaths are people killing people Actually 2/3rds of gun deaths in America are suicides.
-0.8126 This seems like a terrible rabbit hole rife for abuse while seriously screwing over the law abiding consumer.
-0.8074 If you have a violent criminal history then you're already a [prohibited person].
-0.802 And the illegal modification I spoke of was the magazine modification, which is illegal in California.
-0.7964 Well the San Bernido shooters violated California state law by acquiring their weapons through a private transfer without going through an FFL then illegally modified those weapons.
-0.7964 Shit, my bad.
-0.7783 So the majority of gun deaths are people killing themselves.
-0.7717 Which is probably why they think terrorist propaganda is a reliable source.
-0.7579 All of this suggests that the bans impact on gun violence is likely to be small." - Section 3.3
-0.7506 Meanwhile gun control has consistently been racist throughout American history.