/u/vegetarianrobots is kind of a dick.

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0.93 Much like the best self defense is situational awareness we need to be proactive, not reactive in the defense of our civil rights and liberties.
0.8963 I'm an American and my parents philosophy was *"Don't get arrested, don't get hurt, and don't get anyone pregnant"* besides that I was pretty free to do what I wanted.
0.8736 It may not be perfect but it's pretty great, most especially the whole Bill of Rights.
0.8658 My grand gather is a WWII and Korea get that's always been active and did a bunch if gardening and lawn work into advanced age and my grand mother he always tried to keep up.
0.8481 For your sakes I hope its the former but you have a massively inflated since of self worth, delusions of grandeur, and no regard for anything of value.
0.8462 Here a long arm is more useful as well and the communities are more comfortable with firearms.
0.7783 Thankfully we can test this. The author would simply need to spend a day with the NRA saying whatever they feel like then spend a day with ISIS saying whatever they feel like.
0.765 So I believe living an active lifestyle is key. Also I am super pumped about the possibilities of robotic exoskeleton for aided movement in the future to the elderly.
0.75 *I bet you do*! That one was actually pretty funny OP.
0.7184 I sincerely hope it is a parody troll account.
0.7096 Good luck with that.

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-0.9054 So then the question becomes who and how do we determine such measures and classifications? In regards to the suicide mention how does removing a single means of suicide solve the problem?
-0.8481 Because people use religion as an excuse to justify the same shit all wars are fought over; resources and power.
-0.836 If those fail we're fucked regardless.
-0.8324 You decompose, but your corpse is consumed by other living organisms and the very building blocks that make up you go on to be a part of another living thing.
-0.8316 In a nation with more guns than people unintentional firearms deaths account for less that 0.5% of all unintentional fatalities and less than 2% of all gin related fatalities.
-0.8126 [The homicide and violent crime rates in America have been in an over two decade long trend of decline.
-0.8126 The homicide rate and violent crime rates in America have been declining for the past two decades in line with the rest of the developed Western world.
-0.802 There are also multiple Olympic shooting events. * In the 20th Century the oppressive governments of many nations killed hundreds of millions of their own citizens.
-0.802 Not to be rude, but you seem woefully ignorant of what laws exist.
-0.7906 They die, and it leaves behind a wake suffering.
-0.7783 Are we ignoring the violence of Central and South America?
-0.7717 This will prevent some of those people from gaining access to dangerous weapons. So in your scenario... Today it is illegal for them to concealed carry.