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0.7037 Thank you officer = Please don't shoot me.
0.6597 Probably because it's true and that's a clear on concise way to express that.
0.6486 Dear NRA, Don't go chasing political waterfalls. Please stick to the marksmanship and the gun safety that you're used to.
0.6369 Witcher 3. Huge, but full of interesting places and extremely immersive.
0.6124 For some reason our media like to portray us as the Wild West, [which was ironically more like the mild west].
0.5927 Fully aware of that but thanks.
0.5719 I'm not a Mormon but all of the ones I know, have meet, and interacted with were always extremely out going, geninuely nice, and very polite.
0.5719 What us this Nazi Germany? I'm kidding I'll be polite and pleasant.
0.5563 They seem to have a very strong sense of family and community.
0.5473 LOL At least you're staying in character.
0.5244 Entirely true!

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-0.9382 Gun control proponents push for gun control in higher crime areas more than in low crime areas I don't think that's true at all.
-0.8555 It's a shame their religion is bat shit insane.
-0.8313 Woke up a few minutes later to a very panicked wife over me. Had it all checkes out at the ER and no big deal just random low blood pressure.
-0.802 There are also multiple Olympic shooting events. * In the 20th Century the oppressive governments of many nations killed hundreds of millions of their own citizens.
-0.8003 Why the fuck did you chamber a round then disengage the hammer? Why would you point a weapon at someone not ready to fire...?
-0.765 While tragic, this is daycare shit compared to what America went through in the 60s.
-0.7579 Are you mad at angry children?
-0.7579 All of this suggests that the bans impact on gun violence is likely to be small." - Section 3.3 "...
-0.7579 The perpetrator murdered his mother and stole her weapons out of her safe before he committed that atrocity.
-0.7506 Wheb was the last crime committed with a leglly owned Destructive Device?
-0.7269 Because Sandy Hook, while tragic, is a terrible example to base any new laws on.
-0.7096 Across the globe socio economic reasons are much more cites cur contributor to crime rates than gun ownership.