/u/vanquish_islam is kind of a dick.

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0.9022 Awesome thanks, great news
0.8658 Reading that though makes it seem like a legitimate strategy so they have the best options when dealing with Islamic fundies honestly.
0.8591 Lol ok find me all the videos of people boiling and skinning puppies and dogs alive to make the meat taste better.
0.807 Awesome thanks the explanation!
0.7964 I do meditate and I like the feeling, it's great.
0.7717 I love triply ideas like mandella effect or time stream jumping based on your moral decisions.
0.7506 Came here to say this and found a true hero holding down the weed fort.
0.7351 This is an anecdotal example but I'm sure things like this are systemic due to the prevalence of female genital mutilation.
0.7351 Like it could have spread if the ritual was kissing?
0.7054 Hey Egyptian guys, if you don't shame women for sleeping with you you might actually get laid and have fun.
0.6486 Sounds like what a bunch of liberal Jews would do, lol.

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-0.9493 Prophet Muhammad, shit and piss be upon him, raped little children and women and murdered scores of people both guilty and innocent alike.
-0.9349 These are just numbers, blacks in America have the highest rates of robbery, assault, rape and murder.
-0.9062 No, Islam has been murdering and raping since it's foundation.
-0.8841 Islam never has been peaceful and is an ideology of fascist oppression and violence.
-0.8834 It was born by a rapist brigand pedophile prophet who murdered anyone that stood in is way.
-0.8803 Islam is seen as a more powerful threat, however there are plenty of examples of orthodox rabbis molesting and raping kids.
-0.8519 They worship a pedophile prophet and rapist murderer.
-0.7783 They cut people, murder them, blow them up.
-0.775 Oh yea there's the anti defamation league that attacks people but compare to what happens when you attack Islam and the repercussions.
-0.7579 The only Muslim countries that aren't rife with human rights violations or worse are almost all white and Asian.
-0.7506 And no, hezzbolah are scumbag islamists.
-0.7351 Both religions up there are stupid, just a bunch of lies and fantasy stories.