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0.9193 Thank you so much for sharing and including all of these awesome images and videos! I especially liked your Flash tool for generating Bayer matrices sized for any power of two.
0.9094 Please please PLEASE keep the AMAZING virtual reality support from Dirt Rally in 4.
0.902 Wow, these are all truly great!
0.886 Your Pops sounds like he was a great man. I felt compelled to comment because of your unending positive attitude throughout this entire comment section.
0.8807 Best of luck to you :)
0.8805 I wish your son the best of luck during the application process!
0.8522 This is the greatest news I've heard since I pre-ordered. THANK YOU, Oculus and Frontier!!!
0.8439 Really challenging light in this restaurant, so all I could do was my best :)
0.8356 Amazing shot and lovely description. I [took a photo] from the exact same spot last year!
0.8316 Wonderful lighting and great perspective.
0.8264 Wow, very impressive!

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-0.8926 The ATTACK WARNING RED sound at the end was terrifying and made me jump.
-0.5093 I'm a twinge jealous that you were able to capture this!
-0.5081 Very annoying!
-0.4782 There is a Google Earth app for Cardboard, but it isn't nearly as good as this one.
-0.4588 You have so much karma and I am unreasonably jealous.
-0.4391 I am so sorry for your loss.
-0.4284 Flying over and through my home city of Boston almost made me cry.
-0.4019 Are you Crash Bandicoot?
-0.395 I wouldn't call it "nice", but I wouldn't *not* recommend it.
-0.3595 Hi /u/DXRacer! Way back in 2013, I purchased the "NFPG005 DXRACER 'CUDA GT'", which is no longer available, from NeedForSeatUSA.
-0.3384 Man, I've been really disappointed with Nvidia 3D Vision over the past couple of years.
-0.3338 Very, very strange to see this pop up on my front page.