/u/undressedtokill is very positive!

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0.8519 I am pretty proud of it :)
0.8268 I am also a noob and love soaking up inspiration and other's processes!
0.8268 This is adorable, I love it!
0.8204 It came highly recommended by a friend :)
0.802 would love to check it out :)
0.7845 I love it, and appreciate you taking the time.
0.784 Perfect, thanks!
0.7088 Thanks for your help!
0.7081 Thank you so much for the opportunity!!
0.6908 I do have prints available if you are interested :)
0.6892 Oh man your professor is awesome!!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.4588 I'm allowed to for an undetermined amount of time then I get attacked.
-0.4201 It really sucks.
-0.3089 I actually have some, should I just keep using it until it more smooth or is there a point where it's just not going to help anymore?
0.0 I wasn't asking for feedback, and it's a finished piece.
0.0 I'm on [society6]!
0.0 You can go troll elsewhere, and it's obvious that you came from gonewild chat.
0.0 I'll have to check...
0.0 What medium do you use?
0.0 too early in the morning.
0.0 Could you go into a bit more detail on your technique if you wouldn't mind?
0.0 What type of paint did you use?
0.0 Were the flowers drawn or painted in?