/u/ujsc004 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9017 that is sexy sexy sexy!!!
0.8555 i'm perfectly ok with it :)
0.8225 winner winner, eat you for dinner?
0.8131 I LOVE your hair, smile, tits, and freckles!!!
0.802 i love your fat booty :)
0.802 love those nips :)
0.8016 super cute!
0.7964 great mouth :)
0.7906 you're gorgeous :)
0.7579 better come help you stay warm
0.7351 :) just trying to get a pretty lady's attention

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5983 i wish i was about to get my dick sucked in the back seat!
-0.5423 zero to "let's fuck" in 1.2 seconds
-0.5209 i am so sorry i missed you in there!
-0.4019 damn...better stop up that leak ;)
-0.296 that ass is up in the air...that's for sure
-0.2732 not a single reason to be nervous.
-0.2263 I'm flattered as fuck by this angle.
0.0 10 and double d?
0.0 why limit ourselves to just the one???
0.0 hmm...3rd from the left in the white dress?
0.0 I'd feel you too!
0.0 i'd do the same if I were you.