/u/tysonmoorewood is kind of a dick.

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0.8954 I'm sure I won't get killed for being white" Good luck.
0.8074 Aside from making internet autists happy, this guy also made a lot of kids laugh, mine included.
0.7269 Stacker is a pretty easy game.
0.6486 Well, the IQ difference is pretty much the basis.
0.6369 Watch The Greatest Story Never Told on YouTube.
0.6249 That's a funny joke.
0.5719 Paid two dollars and won a brand new iPod mini .
0.5574 People like you are why God doesn't talk to us any more.
0.5574 It would be like if you mixed baking soda and vinegar and then said "well that doesn't prove anything".
0.5574 This is what happens when you happily import non whites into white countries.
0.5256 I really want this to be true.

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-0.8885 Nigger males commit 52% of all violent crime in the US while being only 6% of the US population.
-0.836 Fuck you, faggot.
-0.8271 The wealthiest black town in America has a higher violent crime rate per capita than the poorest white town in America.
-0.7506 Who gives a shit what a mentally ill tranny thinks?
-0.6908 Hmmm, it seems someone needs to look up the racial demographics stats surrounding murder with firearms.
-0.6887 That Jews are a fucking worldwide cancer.
-0.6808 I'd buy the hell out of this.
-0.6696 Why is the left so bad at memeing?
-0.6597 Dinah Laurel Lance was murdered for an old wooden ship named Olicity.
-0.6486 With every new sand nigger bombing.
-0.6486 He discovered that it was himself while fighting savitar and it broke his mind.
-0.6249 Say what you want, faggot.