/u/tysonmoorewood is kind of a dick.

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0.7003 Every single success he has had so far has likely been a surprise to you.
0.6948 That's exactly why I'm so happy I'm out.
0.6369 Faggoys describes you all perfectly.
0.6369 Watch The Greatest Story Never Told on YouTube.
0.6124 If it looks like a Jew and acts like a Jew, it's a Jew.
0.6115 So happy to hear about Kodi
0.5859 Never bet against a winner.
0.5574 People like you are why God doesn't talk to us any more.
0.5267 This comment is exactly the type of reasoning that is going to lead to Trump winning in 2020.
0.5256 I really want this to be true.
0.5106 Stay strong.

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-0.8402 Suicide by Islam is a bad way to go.
-0.836 Fuck you, faggot.
-0.802 The deep state hates you and wants you dead.
-0.7964 Disney and marvel and Star Wars are still cucked as fuck sadly
-0.775 As a former member, this shit is beyond ridiculous.
-0.7678 Says the faggot so obsessed with another user that he made his flair about Labore.
-0.6887 That Jews are a fucking worldwide cancer.
-0.6808 I'd buy the hell out of this.
-0.6705 This kind of faggoty attitude towards suicide by migrant is exactly why I had to give up on anarcho-capitalism.
-0.6705 When it's inconvenient, then they return to being "an oppressed minority".
-0.6597 The day of rope is coming, you degenerate faggot.
-0.6597 Ashkenazi Jews are a cancer on society.