/u/txmilguy is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8658 The piercings really take away from the natural beauty of your sexy nipples
0.8442 I'm feeling some love for those sexy boobs/nipples
0.8074 I'm loving your sexy nipples
0.7996 Very pretty with sexy boobs
0.6884 She said smaller 5-6" feels better and it doesn't hurt.
0.6597 Yes, yes it does
0.6597 I would like it a whole lot better if your standing right in front of me
0.6115 You have the most perfect set of nipples
0.5994 I loved that your bra matched.
0.5994 Oh that beautiful lil bush
0.5994 Those delectable nipples

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7706 It's not like a monster cock, but no complaints.
-0.5994 Nipples to die for
-0.5994 You have nipples to die for.
-0.4694 Does that hurt or hurt so good?
-0.4588 Your pussy would be jealous
-0.4585 Those are very close to if f not perfect
-0.4576 So damn tempting
-0.4404 You dirty minded girl
-0.4215 Amen, now let's release some stress
-0.3612 I could make a cummy mess on them
-0.3164 That's what I use my alone time for too!
-0.296 No not at all my ex wife told me I was to big at only 7".