/u/tugasnake is kind of a dick.

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0.765 Be thankful, river is a far better map.
0.7351 https://twitter.com/miguel_layun/status/835529717814079488 Illegals getting triggered by some good Carnival fun.
0.7096 I honestly couldn't have put it better myself.
0.7085 Using a sniper in ranked is not a good idea, if you face a good team they'll shut you down easily. I think this is the best system yet, since it actually rewards skill over playtime.
0.6114 Sony always wins baby!
0.5994 How about you try loving you country instead of cursing your compatriots that do?
0.4782 As someone who has relatives in Goa tell you that Portuguese are seen as nothing but burden to Goa.
0.4404 A quarter of a second is too much time, any good player will be able to dodge a C4 now.
0.3182 Fresh noobs, c'mon in...
0.2263 Is it okay if I use this exchange on one of my projects?
0.2105 C4 is useless now, any good player can easily dodge it. They need to revert this nerf or make C4 2LP because right now it's not worth investing 3 points into this gear.

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-0.9153 Devastating and violent civil wars followed in Angola and Mozambique, which lasted several decades, claimed millions of lives, and resulted in large numbers of displaced refugees.
-0.7845 /u/Cystyr No mais tardar o price drop vai ocorrer no Natal de 2017, esta consola vai ser um flop to ou maior do que a Wii U.
-0.7227 At close range they may still not have time to get away, but the further they are the more this nerf is going to have a negative impact.
-0.5859 Martyrdom. Ah, the how to ruin a match in shipment kit.
-0.5795 a quick google search will show you Maharashtra is the state with largest GDP. No I'm not kidding, Wikipedia clearly states that Goa has the highest GDP **per capita**.
-0.5574 What is it with you guys and all that pent up rage?
-0.5267 "No faas aos outros o que no queres que te faam a ti".
-0.5267 Que as sociedades onde h mais religio so menos avanadas do que as sociedades onde h menos religio? No vejo contradio porque no comparo alhos com bugalhos.
-0.5267 Ser que no prximo episdio a OP vai anunciar que engravidou de um redditor mas no sabe de qual?
-0.5267 At porque, com toda a honestidade, no me pareces fazer grande falta por c. No essa a histria que o meu IRS conta.
-0.5267 Mantm-te c bem acomodado, sim? Acho que no percebeste bem, o meu argumento no contra a imigrao mas sim contra a diversidade e o multiculturalismo.
-0.5106 Looks ugly aftbqhf.