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0.8977 Was thrilled to see that you picked up Project Lux! Thanks for answering, and good to see you trying to improve your rep in the community.
0.8881 Thanks a lot for the clarification, I appreciate it! I really hope the fan-disk will be licensed, after completing HoshiMemo I'm dying to play it, especially given how short Mare's route was.
0.8818 Really just a cute, heartwarming yuri romance with a little drama along the way. It doesn't really have multiple routes though, just multiple couples in parallel.
0.8765 A little bit of drama and you might shed a tear along the way, but cute to the point of moe and unambiguously happy endings.
0.8722 But if LB is pretty much the anime with added romance, I'll be picking it up for sure . Less certain about Rewrite.
0.8534 But if you really, really need a romance VN on iOS, IMHHW is your best bet.
0.8519 cautiously interested. On the positive side, it is a release from a company that has made one of my favorite VNs.
0.8402 A good VN has much in similar with a good book, and lots of people still enjoy those.
0.8398 And a sweet Lucia route does sound nice, though it would have been an instant selling point if it had been Kagari or Shizuru instead. Thanks for the additional input!
0.8176 Nice, thanks for the freebies.
0.8173 An inevitable exponential increase in popularity in the West?** For OJLVNs, I don't think it will ever become more popular than Anime/Manga.

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-0.8467 Coming right off Grisaia, character sprites in KS were bad in comparison, backgrounds worse, music completely incomparable and lack of voice acting yet another detractor.
-0.5267 Anger (got to have a BBM number, and this just takes the cute/heavy juxtaposition way past 11.
-0.3612 Otherwise, this could be a deal-breaker.   Personal verdict for now: will keep an eye out for news, but no pre-order and unlikely to buy before reading reviews.
-0.3412 My Japanese isn't good enough to glean much from the blog.
-0.34 Just beware that once you stray out of the vanilla slider range, some of the animations give up any pretense of aligning correctly or avoiding clipping.
-0.296 Now that games really are for everyone as well, they just have to overcome the western prejudice that anything heavily illustrated is for kids.
-0.296 Might simply play other recommendations first, and then bother with the hassle of imports and fan-patches if no news of its release appears in the meantime.
-0.2732 And how is it on romance? Been cautiously googling answers, but it's hard to avoid spoilers that way.
-0.2263 Actually, I'm only up to ~20ish on LB and 11 on Rewrite, as I deliberately stopped short considering if I should complete the VNs first.
-0.0857 but why wouldn't you want the base game when it comes with a new higher quality translation?
-0.0374 Also, while money shots aren't super important, I find that the POV immersion of VR does make you feel more appreciated if he gets off doing you.
-0.0258 The general recommendation is to get it on PC and apply fan-patches to restore lost content.