/u/tsj00p is kind of a dick.

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0.8016 I'm glad for you, as Tinnitus usually goes away if theres a treatable underlying condition, and you should feel very blessed.
0.7269 Ear plugs will protect you somewhat, but when heavy bass is involved, they won't be able to save your hearing.
0.5423 Well, I always vape with my women before we engage in non-consensual sex.
0.5009 Why are you so eager to still get in front of speakers, despite what is being said here?
0.4927 If you think doing nothing will do more good than them, go ahead. These celebrities you mention are from a generation ago.
0.4404 They better make some ears.
0.4215 You're lucky yours went away by treating the sinus infection.
0.4201 Totally agree.
0.4019 Nowadays a lot of gigs and parties are so insanely loud, you can hear them in the next neighboring city.
0.4019 Yeah, makes one wonder what went wrong during the evolution of our ears if even natural sounds like barking dogs are able to screw up our ears.
0.4019 Yes, you recover after a few seconds.

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-0.875 There are people with severe hearing loss and mild Tinnitus, and people with no apparent hearing loss and severe Tinnitus.
-0.7717 Needless to say; I was terribly wrong.
-0.685 People can be so naive it borders on stupidity sometimes...
-0.6597 The Tinnitus is killing me.
-0.6361 This hyperactivity can be triggered by imbalances within your central nervous system which have lots of triggers and can essentially be caused by any kind of trauma.
-0.5994 Fictie en werkelijkheid zijn soms moeilijk te scheiden, zo blijkt. Maar ja, eenieder die zich in de politieke arena begeeft zal worden onderworpen aan een grondige analyse.
-0.5994 En om die inhoud ben ik gaan stemmen.
-0.5859 I have no history of concert visits as I usually dislike loud sounds.
-0.5859 I'm entering my 4th month now with this ringing bullshit, and guess what?
-0.5584 I almost drowned in a pool of chamomile tea once.
-0.5574 Shit, seems you beat me to it for the manager position...
-0.5574 This condition is shit.