/u/tsj00p is kind of a dick.

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0.8941 The whole Max thing is however a blemish on the CHC cryptocurrency. So we agree to disagree, but I still wish you all the best with your chaincoins!
0.8176 I would have loved to do the same with CHC as I did with LTC for 4 years, but in my opinion a community should inspire bagholders, not deter them.
0.8016 I'm glad for you, as Tinnitus usually goes away if theres a treatable underlying condition, and you should feel very blessed.
0.8016 I wish you all the best bro with your chaincoins!
0.7889 OMG so true hahaha.
0.7615 Yes, in two weeks Charlie Lee will reveal the secret of Litecoin to the grand public, but I can tell it to you now because I'm a nice guy.
0.7269 Ear plugs will protect you somewhat, but when heavy bass is involved, they won't be able to save your hearing.
0.7269 Happy I sold all my chaincoins when it was still relatively high in value.
0.6597 Chaincoin doesn't deserve that, as like I said I still believe the actual coin itself is good.
0.6581 Absolutely brilliant!
0.6542 The coin might be good technologically, but it needs some serious change in the community before anything good can happen.

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-0.875 There are people with severe hearing loss and mild Tinnitus, and people with no apparent hearing loss and severe Tinnitus.
-0.7906 Unfortunately this doesn't appear to have stopped him from still pulling a scam.
-0.7717 Needless to say; I was terribly wrong.
-0.7391 Everyone will have some kind of trauma though, as it is very hard to avoid noise in this society.
-0.685 People can be so naive it borders on stupidity sometimes...
-0.6597 The Tinnitus is killing me.
-0.659 I disagree with your statement that holding LTC was more difficult.
-0.6486 LTC is like the angry partner screwing you over with partner alimentation if you dump it.
-0.6444 Hearing loss has become inevitable and most people will lose their hearing above 10kHz anyway.
-0.6413 I hate to say it, but the community around this coin is toxic with their "banning" attitude towards anything that's not to their liking.
-0.6361 This hyperactivity can be triggered by imbalances within your central nervous system which have lots of triggers and can essentially be caused by any kind of trauma.
-0.6249 Downvoted for racism