/u/tropii is kind of a dick.

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0.7906 Everyone thinks Rohail was better, but there has been a lot of support for Strings to give them a chance and let them do their thing.
0.7506 It is beautiful, I agree. Kutay ke bacha
0.6908 I think he got the last payment from the IMF and is saying goodbye like you say goodbye to a friend you are seeing back tomorrow.
0.5938 You are not fooling anyone. Do whatever helps you.
0.5719 I dont need to report you to anyhing you fuckwit, if this keeps you happy let it be.
0.5423 Now fix no 7 from the list, "Rangeela is such a legend that even present day comedian feel it proud to copy his style of acting."
0.5106 Spotted this on Parramatta road http://i.imgur.com/yEpsG3E.jpg?1 gonna be fun driving behind it at night
0.5106 I am gonna need at least 5 years until I trust he is really out
0.5106 Yayvo is Ran by TCS so I thought it should be hassle free.
0.4927 Cheap, works really good for the majority.
0.4824 Hope you found your nicotine liquid LOL How was that an insult?

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-0.8008 Cry more now bitch
-0.7964 Message the admins moron, idk what the fuck you expect from that
-0.7845 You hadnt even hit puberty yet when I was using this sub. This is not a new thread now is it you retarded cunt?
-0.7845 This is not a new thread now is it you retarded cunt?
-0.7717 Does that make you sad you piece of shit?
-0.7717 Terrible shit show. Never again
-0.7432 Thats not much fun leaving you and your alts shit on the sub is it?
-0.7096 Yep I am trembling you are gona insult me using your alt like the bitch you are
-0.7003 For parcels they leave a card with details of how to pick it up from their office while lying "no one opened the door" However this has never happened with sensitive documents.
-0.6597 Randi ke bache you have probably never set foot in a proper high rise apartment which is why your whole viewpoint is fucked.
-0.6369 Stop kidding yourself retard.
-0.6369 Quetta is no where as polluted as the other cities in Pakistan.