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0.954 Ha thank you! If you have any suggestions for new adult romance or general fantasy, feel free to share :D
0.9463 Oh well that's funny I already added that from your post from today :D I will make sure to pass it on to my goodreads friendlist party of one once I read it :')
0.9353 Well what great timing for me :) Just stumbled upon this thread trying to figure out which DS to get and it looks like Overclocked is on sale now so thank you!
0.9134 I love Skitter's taste :) I'd love to hear your rational behind it too!
0.9008 Hey, I'm super new too, let's all three be friends :D u/Barclaywrites
0.8945 It's when you create a giveaway, [here]. You could do it through your website but this makes it super easy.
0.8834 You've convinced me :) haha if that helps
0.8788 Sara was literally an NPC :D But feel free to tell me more about how the characters worked lol
0.8625 I'd love half the success yours has. Are you still looking for amazon reviews?
0.8531 If you have any good websites on those feel free to send them along :P
0.8494 Here are a couple for inspiration in case you get to me despite being late to the party :P http://imgur.com/a/vacwq

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-0.8885 I just started writing regularly Dec 26th but I already feel the pain of missed mistakes.
-0.7429 I suppose I just assumed that no matter how ridiculous he was people will still vote for him and it wouldn't change anything. Thanks!
-0.5994 I'm in the middle of old man's war now.
-0.5974 I have a really dumb question!
-0.5719 Should I go Strange Journey or Devil Survivor after P3P?
-0.431 I was stuck in the beginning for the longest time but I broke through and it was worth it
-0.3612 I played Napoleon: Total War and couldn't quite get into it.
-0.296 If it's a choice between IF and me having the reader's email and no one having it, I'll choose the first option.
-0.296 I've watched a bunch of critiques since I started following this sub and no infodumping was probably the first thing in every post.
-0.296 Oh man, that's a lot of pressure.
-0.2846 This might be a dumb question, but say I put the steam VR icon on occulus home...
-0.2846 This may be a dumb question but who do you send them to?