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0.954 Ha thank you! If you have any suggestions for new adult romance or general fantasy, feel free to share :D
0.9134 I love Skitter's taste :) I'd love to hear your rational behind it too!
0.9008 Hey, I'm super new too, let's all three be friends :D u/Barclaywrites
0.8945 It's when you create a giveaway, [here]. You could do it through your website but this makes it super easy.
0.8788 Sara was literally an NPC :D But feel free to tell me more about how the characters worked lol
0.8625 I'd love half the success yours has. Are you still looking for amazon reviews?
0.8402 The internet just can't let me have my happy moment can it lol Thank you though
0.8333 I'm pretty bad at describing the technical side of music so I'm not sure if this fits but I like all 3 you mentioned and SOHN - tremors is worth a try :)
0.8271 I liked the Darth Bane trilogy :) I also hear Plagueis and the Thrawn trilogy are good too
0.8225 If you know of any good myth reading feel free to make recommendations :p
0.8221 Looks like you had a busy month :p congrats ! Did you do anything specific for marketing when you released your shorts?

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-0.8885 I just started writing regularly Dec 26th but I already feel the pain of missed mistakes.
-0.879 Plus losing a potential fan and/or a not so great review which would kill your income faster than a shorter book would.
-0.7003 Traded my Subnautica and Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble for u/IDontRecallBeingMade's SUPERHOT and Brigador: Up-Armored Edition.
-0.6476 No worries!
-0.5994 I'm in the middle of old man's war now.
-0.5106 I think I'd be cool with Max or hell divers and Lara for two telltale and escapists and dlc
-0.4954 I have enough trouble with regular headaches :( I'm hoping not having one hy 26, that I'm in the clear but i can't find any good information on google
-0.4939 Traded my Stardew Valley, Escapists + dlc and two telltale games for u/KBragg87's helldivers, mad max, and Lara GoT.
-0.4939 So stardew, escapists + dlc and two telltale games for helldivers, mad max, and Lara?
-0.296 And no helldivers, streets of rogue, enter the gungeon?
-0.296 If it's a choice between IF and me having the reader's email and no one having it, I'll choose the first option.
-0.296 I've watched a bunch of critiques since I started following this sub and no infodumping was probably the first thing in every post.