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0.9118 I guess I just play better with my jaw relaxed, I've noticed it during editing as well haha.
0.8748 Sounds like a cool group of kids, good luck with it!
0.846 I started off playing piano so it comes very nicely to me, but it's definitely something you can do fairly easily once you get used to it.
0.8442 Your right hand can help mute individual strings just by touching them while your left hand lifts off and moves.
0.8074 I enjoy looking at it as well haha
0.7783 normal hands fit concert to tenor pretty well.
0.7537 Yeah, I'm constantly going overtime too because it's so fun.
0.6995 either way it's too far from an ukulele sound to be an option in my opinion. I didn't read the sidebar so hopefully i've mentioned something novel to you.
0.6916 I'm thinking about changing camera angles, but my room is kinda small and I like to give a decent view of the fretboard since I don't have tabs or anything like that.
0.6808 The fun part comes when you add little melodic lines in between just the simple melody and bassline, and maybe some different harmonies that weren't there before.
0.6705 Someone was kind enough to point out that I looked very stiff previously, which I agreed with, so I redid it.

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-0.7662 I wore the suit as an homage to the original video, but I don't think it's a good idea to take anyone seriously that wears a white suit so i threw in flip-flops for good measure.
-0.6597 https://youtube.com/watch?v=SF1TTDXGxIk panic attack by dream theater
-0.4767 It might not be exact, but it'll be close, unless it's some crazy jazz or something.
-0.4019 I've been having trouble getting the thumbs to just play the video, gonna have to go the youtube page unfortunately
-0.1531 one thing you should keep in mind is the size of the uke, if it's too small it will be irritating to play.
-0.1027 lol it was an April Fools day thing.
-0.0572 What I can do is give you the chords I used, which will just take a sec. Verse: For all the times.../Didn't want to write a song...
0.0 You just kind of combine the two parts.
0.0 Also, you have two hands.
0.0 Here's a general hint, also: If you're trying to figure out the chords, figure out the bassline.
0.0 Hey man, I just started teaching uke!
0.0 Once we got through the basic chords, I went over strumming patterns .