/u/tonman101 is very positive!

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0.8718 Very beautiful, thanx for sharing, hope to see more of you in the future.
0.8602 WOW, gorgeous.
0.8204 Very nice, would love to see more.
0.8151 I always thought she was good looking, but she is gorgeous in these pictures, thanx.
0.7845 You tell me, there are twins standing there trying to get lucky, one who is in great shape and one who lets say is 25 lbs over weight with a spare tire around the mid section.
0.765 What a great smile.
0.6997 I wish I knew, very nice.
0.6862 FMK, very tough choice between1 and 2, but 2 has the prettiest face.
0.6739 WOW, getting hotter and hotter.
0.6739 WOW, what a tight body, anyone know who she is
0.6478 I think a perfect body is more useful in day to day life, how many times do you actually get into a fight in your adult life.

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-0.9349 Since then, because I learned to suppress pain, I haven't had to take an aspirin, or pain killer in the last 15 years because I just push the pain down til it goes away.
-0.822 Some days, it was so bad, I couldn't even lay down because that would make it worse.
-0.7935 This sounds funny, but when I was younger I had alot of dental problems that caused alot of pain.
-0.5994 MFK, K is only because someone has to die.
-0.4019 I had 3 Window Mobile phones, their biggest problem was they were made for more technical uses, while iPhones and Android are made for everyday uses.
-0.3612 She looks more turned on than embarrassed.
-0.2006 MFK, very tough choice, could have ended up in any order.
-0.1901 MKF, sorry #2, but any other pictures, she would probably be M, but it's hard to beat the other 2 in here.
0.0 Wouldn't even consider turning that deal down, almost $40,000 an hour.
0.0 Looks incredible.
0.0 When she was at her hottest.
0.0 Just alittle higher.