/u/tonman101 is very positive!

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37Overall Score
38Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8698 WOW, so gorgeous.
0.8204 Very nice, would love to see more.
0.8176 Looks like a fun party.
0.8151 I always thought she was good looking, but she is gorgeous in these pictures, thanx.
0.8038 WOW, wish there was more of this.
0.7845 What a great kiss.
0.7346 She looks like she's really enjoying that.
0.7269 Definitely sexy, wouldn't change a thing.
0.7003 Looks like they have a fun night planned.
0.6862 FMK, very tough choice between1 and 2, but 2 has the prettiest face.
0.6739 WOW, we really need more of her.

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6369 Hate to have to kill #2, but someone has to go.
-0.5267 Man and Kid Danger.
-0.4767 I'd try the 50/50, worse that could happen is I'm still in the same place as I am now.
-0.3612 She looks more turned on than embarrassed.
-0.2936 1, but a very tough choice.
-0.1901 MKF, sorry #2, but any other pictures, she would probably be M, but it's hard to beat the other 2 in here.
0.0 1, which is unusual, I usually go for the blonde.
0.0 3, with 1 a close 2nd.
0.0 Very hot body.
0.0 My daughter is a bit older, now I find myself looking forward to the next Capt.
0.0 Righty, she has healthier lungs.
0.0 I'd take the blonde one.