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0.9694 Super easy, super simple tool helps you to stay focused and achieve what actually matters. **What stage are you in?** Beta. **Discount:** it is free :)
0.9468 Good you didn't build the TIE fighter to make sure the others can see the movie as well ;) Pretty awesome btw!
0.9149 Wow this looks so nice, and great photo.
0.8883 Perfectly matches the colors of the table ;) Great work!
0.872 Thank you :) Your account will be ready soon. It makes sense what you say about the bell icon button, we'll improve it.
0.8622 Great work, love it!
0.8553 Beautiful leather case, love the color!
0.8516 Beautiful, great job!
0.8478 Wow great Bierwagen!
0.8478 This looks amazing, great job!
0.8478 Wow this is awesome!

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-0.8271 I am using holders that are in a phone case, but with those I have the problem that most come with magnets and erase the cards when you put them wrong Also they don't last long.
-0.6486 I was always thinking this would be THE killer feature.
-0.3204 Great, I have an old one too and don't know what to do with it, don't like to throw it away when only the batteries are dead.
0.0 Maybe some sand at the bottom end of the slide for a soft landing
0.0 How long did the minwax take to dry, or how long did you wait?
0.0 **Name** Ambytion - https://www.ambytion.com **Elevator Pitch**: Ambytion is all about your achievements.
0.0 Track your goals and project ideas such as DIY, travel, skills and such.
0.0 This is for ambytion.com if anyone wants to have a look.
0.0 always wanted to know how to do that!
0.0 I'm going to take some
0.0 Was the coca cola lettering meant to look aged or did you do that?
0.0 Looking forward to seeing more photos!