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0.9601 That is a beautiful loaf, it looks like you got some awesome spring, a great crust, and wonderful crumb.
0.9296 I think this is the best one here, so glad I kept scrolling, and I hope this is true.
0.9294 I personally haven't tried any of your products , but my love of aftershaves will certainly put money in your wallet one of these days. Thanks for posting this article.
0.9042 I can pretty safely say that you will improve a lot, in all of your "Needs Work" areas within the first 3 months of shaving as your technique continues to improve.
0.9022 It looks like you got amazing spring in the oven as well. Oh and one quick clarifying question, which recipe from the perfect loaf website did you use?
0.8999 Your crumb looks great, I hope you have similar success with other recipes in his book!
0.8955 You're going to have to keep trying and start messing up your first few tries like me! Seriously though beautiful bread, I hope it tasted as good as it looked.
0.8934 I wasn't one of the original people who commented here, but I'm glad you had success with the across the grain pass.
0.8687 If you don't have one I guess that's okay, it looks amazing and I guess I'm just really curious to see what it looks like on the inside with all those chocolate chips and 100g of cocoa powder.
0.8591 Others may have better suggestions but this will definitely be an improvement over your first loaf.
0.8555 A few weeks later, all my best friends ended up getting stateside mission calls, as well as my cousin.

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-0.6808 I want to make sure I'm understanding you correctly. Are you advocating that the son should have fired a warning shot, and brandished his weapon at the 3 intruders?
-0.6486 I have been doing the same thing, halving recipes because I'm sick of ruining two loaves.
-0.6476 No worries!
-0.5848 No shame in that crumb, that is fine looking bread inside and out!
-0.5267 The hatchet was my grandpa's, and I used leftover maple from my grandpa's casket that my uncle had lying around for the new handle.
-0.5106 I'm going to have to give this a try, I'm sick of the gummy crumb.
-0.5063 But if he doesn't reach his lofty goal of $10,000, then doesn't he not get anything at all? Which supports /u/TripleChubz statement that he is all kinds of delusional, greedy, and stupid.
-0.4767 I got called to serve in Texas and was initially disappointed.
-0.4288 I know it says they are $7.74 for 3 but in the store they were $1.40 each so I'm not sure why their website is different.
-0.3595 Sorry to confuse you for a first timer!
-0.3182 This also confuses me, and maybe I'm not fully understanding how kickstarter works.
-0.296 The other thing that it seems you're missing is shaping the dough into a ball which she describes in step 2.