/u/tinyirishgirl is very positive!

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0.9556 My heart so wants these precious folks to have regained their health and to have lives filled with happiness and kindness and loving families and friends.
0.927 Wishing you everything bright and wonderful on your new career path! Your English is beautiful! No need to be scared because your fantastic self is going to be just fine!
0.8934 One of those beautiful moments when you can shower your dear pup with pure love.
0.8848 Your baby is so very beautiful! Hayden is a sweetheart!
0.8655 Just as long as you're happy details are not all that important. So proud that everyone had a good time and you passed the best-friend test with flying colors!
0.8652 You're perfection! Thanks for the smile!
0.8555 Soft eyes. And even though this being might not be what some would consider conventionally adorable or pretty, there's still something sweet about your picture.
0.836 Precious sweet Miss Nikki. Going to keep both of you in my heart and hoping for her full recovery.
0.8324 So beautiful and there's this intelligence in their eyes that captures your heart.
0.8268 He may be horsing around, but he certainly is handsome doing it!
0.8268 Wonderful young ladies. And those perfect saddle oxfords!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.852 What is it with these people??? Their filthy greed for money has driven them for years to sell out their own country to our most threatening adversary!
-0.765 Agreed. And a lying ignorant bully.
-0.7574 How could this monster, who denied water to a sick and dying man , even be considered!
-0.7563 To turn your back on children is beyond despicable! To turn your back your back on those precious children who struggle every single day with an especially hostile world is horrific!
-0.7263 Gianforte is a cowardly bully!
-0.5707 He's sickening!
-0.5562 Practically speaking you belong in prison!
-0.5399 Using Russian Facilities and Equipment! Treason!
-0.4019 The long con of his entire life to feed his ego and his greed.
-0.3818 Exactly. This is what tyranny does so that the population can be controlled and manipulated.
-0.298 Absolutely! How on this good earth could anyone justify his keeping his job? Racist traitor!
-0.296 He has no concern for the consequences of his words or actions. We have to hold our coal miners and their families in our thoughts.