/u/tinyirishgirl is very positive!

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0.9595 Gorgeous lady! Hoping your new life path is filled with happiness and kindness and love!
0.9548 She's wonderful! Thinking that you both are going to have the most beautiful and loving and amazing life together!
0.9431 Wishing Beautiful Miss Lana Happy Birthday and hoping she has many many more wonderful birthdays!
0.9413 Might be wrong, but these ladies seem to be wonderfully carefree. Certainly hope so.
0.9393 Babies brought up in a loving safe and kindly environment. What you would hope and wish for all of the universe's beings.
0.936 Hope you and your beautiful girl have years of loving happiness together.
0.9331 Know you're hurting. But thinking that beautiful Milkshake was not alone and scared. You gave her dear self the gift of love. Holding you both in my heart. RIP.
0.9231 Wishing you everything bright and beautiful with your sweet Basil and dear Ti-Cail.
0.9229 Such lovelies! Wishing you all everything wonderful and beautiful!
0.9184 Wonderfully beautiful and loving!
0.9145 Gorgeous pup! Amazing picture! So much talent!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9041 The wrong State, the wrong Governor, and REALLY the wrong people to pick a fight with!
-0.8499 They absolutely picked the wrong person to mess with! They're going to regret that all the rest of their days!
-0.6908 Tyrants murder dissent.
-0.6808 You're so right. Thinking that part of the reason is that domestic terrorism consumes our very being...
-0.5994 And because anything else could bring on instantaneous death?
-0.5927 It's the money lost when the companies pulled their commercials. It was the Botton Line, not a sudden desire to do the right thing. Always and forever about the money!
-0.4922 Silly or not, Harrison is wonderful!
-0.4559 Exactly! It's about the money. It's about the profit these prison businesses can increase using the school-straight into prison path!
-0.4389 Pathetic and unconscionably ignorant. Know what you mean about needing to lay down after reading that. But We The People have to rise up and resist if we're going to save Our Republic!
-0.4215 Selling us out on the cheap. At the cost of starving and dying children and the elderly.
-0.4199 Pearl Harbor and Oahu who gave of their blood and bone for their country, The United States Of America. How dare he show such ignorance and disrespect!
-0.2195 So very sorry for your loss...