/u/tinyirishgirl is very positive!

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0.9477 Your great great great Grandfather was a handsome gentleman.
0.943 So very proud you're home safe and sound. Wishing you both years and years of loving happiness together.
0.9403 Your strength is wonderful and your heart is beautiful. Keeping you in my thoughts and wishing you a future filled with kindness.
0.9403 You opened your beautiful heart to dearest Opal and she loved you. Holding you both with love and wiping your tears. RIP.
0.9349 Hoping this wonderful beautiful youngster lives a long and successful life.
0.9338 So proud and excited for all of you! Your hard work and dedication really bringing you success. Congratulations!
0.9201 Wishing this precious little guy and the rest of the family years and years of loving happiness together.
0.9201 My love. Holding you and your precious Mom in my heart with my love.
0.9059 That's great! Hope you continue to have an absolutely wonderful time.
0.9042 Always found Canada fantastic and all her citizens wonderful and beautiful and here's more proof.
0.9022 Beautiful baby girl with a heart filled with kindness and love.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9371 He's passed that point I think. Threatening to murder co-workers because you disagree with them is beyond insanity.
-0.9001 A prisoner of war and being tortured continually throughout all those years.
-0.5707 Ahem...... People....... More to the point, us ladies. We DON'T take kindly to the threat of being murdered. No we do not. We may not be Republicans BUT this will Not Stand!
-0.5707 Their lips are moving? They're lying!
-0.5562 That's a despicable insult to every woman and man who has ever served our country. Despicable!
-0.4738 Exactly. Clueless that they are public employees. They work for us! We do not work for them!
-0.4639 Hamish is thinking hard about something we will never know. His handsome self is allowed.
-0.4588 By a coward.
-0.3027 Wait! Hold the phone! We must not put our beautiful Loon Water Birds mistakenly in the same breath with this situation. Doing such a disservice to these wonderful birds.
-0.25 Exactly. Distractions Disinformation Purposefully eliminating coherent thinking
-0.2263 And...... Apparently being a citizen is a pre-existing condition that makes you vulnerable to being hanged.
-0.1531 Miss him so much...