/u/timothy1982 is kind of a dick.

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0.8628 I'll go first, I like how SMART Rick is, and how he sees the worlds true colors!!!
0.5826 Alcoholism is funny!!!
0.4588 Call the police, I will run from them :)
0.4574 Yes he is you fucking NAZI!
0.4404 Shiieet thanks
0.4404 I've been good homeslice, how about yourself?
0.4404 Thanks lad.
0.4019 Help me find my way to IMPEACH DRUMPF
0.3382 Yes I did, god damn alt reicher!
0.3182 woah, please be polite.
0.3182 Use your words please.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8591 wtf is a cerkies stop harassing me
-0.8555 It doesn't make sense to compare the serial rape of several children to someone not cleaning a floor properly, you retarded buffoon
-0.8316 If you have been banned from the discord and want to dispute it, please DM me here on reddit, telling me your user ID and approximately what time you got banned.
-0.8074 R5: Germany annexed Memel, Soviets killed Poland and the rest of the Baltic Alliance, claiming it all, then killed Germany and the Axis, with the help of the Allies, so they released Lithuania.
-0.7964 Fuck off you no life prick. How many accounts have you made?
-0.6705 Exceptionalalaverage commited suicide after writing this.
-0.6124 Please tell me your discord name, and I'll check if you are on the ban list.
-0.6124 I don't think for ONE second that Rick and Morty could be that racist.
-0.5945 Don't be so fucking rude!
-0.5859 Wtf don't ping me
-0.5859 wtf don't link my post you nazi