/u/timothy1982 is a total dick!

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0.8074 Friendly reminder that rule 7 applies to comments as well :) Edit: http://i.imgur.com/4b2H8fl.png Keep em coming
0.807 Very friendly server, they treat us well :DDDD
0.7579 That's the point of them my friend, the best of the best, and to let no one but the creator take credit for them.
0.6946 this really made me laugh!!!
0.6369 Come join us :) https://discord.gg/VjvFkgK
0.5773 Don't kill my family you sicko
0.5719 aka perfect content for this sub.
0.5499 Neither am I, but we gotta help a brother out.
0.4847 But I couldn't declare war on them, for whatever reason.
0.4767 wow rude also calm down
0.4278 Oh no, we are much smaller :-D

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-0.9253 playing as everyone's favourite reich I killed Britain and France, but still got this event, which is odd as I doubt Hitler would let commies do shit in his territory.
-0.8934 and a week ban from /r/deepfriedmemes for uploading your shitty ass fries twice
-0.8316 And they still are at war with the Allies, and also Italy is justifying on them. edit: after wiping out the allies I was able to declare war on them.
-0.7964 Our autism levels are at an all time high but I try to reduce cancer levels
-0.7916 I also got a war goal against them, but I decided to move some troops so I could attack them.
-0.7906 Hitler lost because of the innumerable Soviets to the east, there is no such enemy to America.
-0.7783 Got to about 7 million before I pushed in and killed the massively weakened red army.
-0.69 hahahah omg what a massive faggot!
-0.6492 Not only is this not a good meme, it's also a bloody repost.
-0.6486 Fucking Christ this sub is dead
-0.6408 what the FUCK
-0.6369 I coerced Yugo to declare war on the allies and join the axis, and then they staged a coup