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0.9627 Huh that's pretty crap that they're restricting you to it but fair enough I guess, most unis only consider your best 3 grades anyway so good luck
0.9392 I mean well you've got Kaede which is super strong and used to be a top lead in the game, still one of the best!
0.9201 I'd honestly say go for it if you can, but I'm still a noob who can't really provide the greatest of advice :P
0.8979 My Vista is possibly one of the best writing pens I've used ever and everything is just super nice about it, the ink flow, the smoothness, etc.
0.8964 Hope you're loving yours :D
0.8947 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MINE as you probably know xD
0.876 Glad to know that the sweet spot won't be an issue, might pick one up for my birthday this June when I can :D
0.8607 Get it if you REALLY want, but like I would probably recommend the Sleipnir more becuase I just prefer floatier throws
0.8488 YES I love Hamilton!!
0.8176 Thanks, I'll try cleaning first to see if it helps :)
0.8168 Woah this skin is super sweet!!

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-0.5394 Ahh miss playing that game, Suros was my 1st or 2nd Exotic not sure but man it felt exciting as hell, especially since i got it before nerf.
-0.5267 I only flip the video if I get too frustrated which doesn't tend to happen too often to me tbh
-0.4588 Have you got any mocks May-June time?
-0.4404 Although a bit bummed because they won't ship to the UK :(
-0.4019 Ask your exams office if you would be allowed, there shouldn't be much of a problem though as long as both calculators are allowed in the exam
-0.3626 We're kinda freaking out because I haven't got any sort ID I can give her, tbh I don't even really know what counts as ID.
-0.296 https://imgur.com/gallery/2r17S Sorry for my terrible handwriting, currently trying to improve my weird lefty hook writing grip into something more useable with Fountain Pens.
-0.2716 I've heard of schools that does stuff like that, this is quite troublesome then...
-0.1759 I heard the music and I thought it was my own phone playing music turns out no, it was ~~me, Dio!~~ a Stardust Crusader
0.0 I already had a Loki, Haku, Indra and Orochi, but this PCGF omg, I managed to roll 2 more Hakus and a Lumiel!!
0.0 So is Lumiel not needed here I'm guessing hm
0.0 Woaaah what you're doing FP4 in Yr 12????