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0.9393 Finish is also super grind friendly if you care about that btw and finally it does handle horizontal pretty well from what I've seen.
0.9302 It felt so strange but in a good way because it was so friggin fast but at the same time it felt like you could control it pretty easily.
0.9186 Throw seems like it would be amazing if you are a player that likes to go super fast and do fast tech.
0.8964 Hope you're loving yours :D
0.8947 I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MINE as you probably know xD
0.8858 Wow, thank you, that was brilliant!
0.8759 I've gotta say, absolutely love the string!! My go-to string before was Kitty Normal which was alright but Vines are just amazing.
0.8728 It's a tiny organic bimetal made by YYR, I'm sure you'll absolutely love it, if you don't, you can sell it to me, I'd probably get another :P
0.87 Lol you're welcome :D
0.8607 Get it if you REALLY want, but like I would probably recommend the Sleipnir more becuase I just prefer floatier throws
0.8488 YES I love Hamilton!!

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-0.7256 Man it is such a sick throw you have no idea!!
-0.5267 I only flip the video if I get too frustrated which doesn't tend to happen too often to me tbh
-0.4767 Is it just spamming the shadow dash perk with the 6sec cooldown everytime you can?
-0.4588 Have you got any mocks May-June time?
-0.4053 :O Hey Mike!!
-0.4019 Ask your exams office if you would be allowed, there shouldn't be much of a problem though as long as both calculators are allowed in the exam
-0.3626 We're kinda freaking out because I haven't got any sort ID I can give her, tbh I don't even really know what counts as ID.
-0.34 I get told that every single time though :/
-0.3164 OMG You can cancel the back jump?!
-0.2716 I've heard of schools that does stuff like that, this is quite troublesome then...
-0.2617 I would but it's on only American stores :/ I'm in the UK and shipping gets pretty ridiculous with customs and whatnot
-0.2144 Ok I've been hearing that Sin can perma stealth but how do you do that?