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0.9453 The Destiny mentions are definitely forgivable as it was a staple of mind for awhile as well :D And definitely yes, Nathan Fillion!
0.9312 And I used to think I'd be turned off by body worship, but hey, there's a new tag to love Yeah, I'll stay alive on the edge for more. Also, 'grats on the new gig!
0.8928 Thank you, glad you liked this <3
0.8773 Helps me know what works and what doesn't "This is important information." 'Kay, this was a really nice fun part, explaining how breath play works.
0.8748 Admittedly it took me hours to get back to "acceptable" form, and I still made mistakes midway and close to the ending hahaha I was exhausted after this but I'm happy I made it anyways Thanks!
0.8663 I'm glad you enjoyed this treat!
0.8641 I appreciate your comment and I'm glad I was able to help you relax I figured since I've done something "revealing" by just being myself in the past, I'd do the same but mostly for your benefit.
0.8519 I'm glad you found an outlet though, and hope you're feeling better after this.
0.85 You're welcome! I'm very glad you enjoyed this and that I got you to forget everything for awhile.
0.8442 I hope you enjoy :)
0.8356 Oh god hahaha Thanks GD!

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-0.7269 Nah, no bad triggers.
-0.6486 Okay but bad falsettos though.
-0.5574 Shit I was totally right.
-0.5423 Your voice is poison, Moondance.
-0.4939 Can't even comment "saved" out of fear of spoilers and all that.
-0.4926 Hell yes!
-0.4767 The quality is worse because I didn't do too much editing.
-0.4574 Oh damn, Tumble!
-0.4215 I suddenly regret not recording that.
-0.4215 Ugh, Racing fantasies *saved*
-0.3724 I won't lie, my loyal listeners were on my mind when I did this.
-0.3612 That was a sensory overload, whew.