/u/throwawayyourlust is very positive!

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0.967 Can confirm, finding gamer geek love is one of the best things in life ever. Good to know that you find my take on Yandere, charming hahaha Thank you for listening, Emeraldd5!
0.9606 Your guitar skills are really awesome and I'd love to hear more of your original work :D Thanks for taking the time!
0.9475 Moondance, I'm trying to compliment you here and you still managed to out-flatter me hahaha But thank you so much, it means a lot coming from you! Please never stop making such lovely audios
0.9468 I'm glad you enjoyed this, sexy. Good to know you're also a fan of DS3 ;) And yes...
0.9336 That's always a great plus in any relationship imo GLHF, UtilityGeek ;) Thank you for listening and I'm glad you enjoyed!
0.9291 Definitely :) Let me know if you have anything you want to hear from me, will be happy to consider ideas :D
0.92 Glad to know you enjoyed this, sexy! Thank you for always listening
0.9152 Tinkles. As someone who's really conscious about blowjob sounds, I'm really happy you think it sounds good. I honestly think I can do better blowjob sounds though.
0.9117 Oh wow, I love your confidence here!
0.902 I may make more if time permits :) Thank you for listening and I'm glad you enjoyed!
0.9016 Good to know I gave you the perfect mix of crazy and more I'm glad you enjoyed!

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-0.6204 So you *can* make an audio that doesn't involve being completely condescending and degrading to your listener.
-0.5719 Sorry, I was late then, Lookout. *Perhaps you should punish me, sir?
-0.4939 CP... Just. Scary hot suits you.
-0.4767 Just a bit of nerdy talk before we get down and dirty.
-0.431 Hahaha, but you know I could get arrested for doing it naked, right?
-0.4215 Here Bb. Background noise sucks though, I'm sorry. https://www.reddit.com/r/gonewildaudio/comments/5ysvsh/f4mwe_shouldnt_be_doing_this_cheatingreluctancein/?st=J49DRTUB&sh=ba9a0ff3
-0.4199 Hey, I did call him Clueless!
-0.4033 Well I'm a complete idiot for missing the tag. Really I apologize for not reading your post three times before searching through my archives.
-0.296 I have no idea how to respond to that.
-0.296 I also see you're sufficiently teased.
-0.2057 If not, well why not? 3.
-0.2023 Should I listen to this at the office? Fuck yes, I should listen to this at the office.