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0.9413 Im not always confident with the things I say without a script, but Im relieved it didnt turn out horrible hahaha Thank you for listening!
0.906 Good to know, I fulfilled your daydream. Im glad you enjoyed this!
0.9036 really, really, really, good. Just... Oh my lord that was good. Excellent job at the script, u/Quijana
0.888 Youre very much welcome, Sqorpius ;) Im glad you enjoyed this
0.8858 Thats good to hear ;) Im glad you enjoyed this!
0.8779 The flattery is real hahaha I hope you enjoy this
0.8718 I really do try to keep a rhythm when it comes to the sexy part and Im glad you enjoy it!
0.8555 I love this. I love this script.
0.8519 I'm glad you enjoyed the audio and the script :)
0.8516 I appreciate that comment and Im glad you enjoyed!
0.8439 Thank you for listening and Im glad you enjoyed! P.S.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7845 A rather cold and torturous punishment will ensue if that shit happens hahaha
-0.6808 It is my definition of hell
-0.6652 So I really wanted to come up with at least the AMA post this week, but I've been sick and I can't talk without coughing every after 5 minutes so...
-0.6597 Killing me softly with that deep, barely audible voice. Also those lines.
-0.6486 [Cold play] God damn, I hate my schedule right now.
-0.636 Theres still no singing. Damn it, its not *that bad* Todd. Forcing you to sing aside, grats on the Patreon!
-0.5574 As a person living in a country with neverending summer this is my shit.
-0.4933 Got me really pissed off too but it was my driving force whenever I lose motivation.
-0.4404 Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey I mean...
-0.4215 Ill probably be doing the tying in this audio
-0.3818 The rebellious phase songs of Linkin Park shook me to the core.
-0.3595 Awww, I missed you too, Miyu!