/u/throwawayyourlust is very positive!

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0.8908 Glad you enjoyed this, sexy!
0.8746 This is saved for a long flight tomorrow evening, but know that I'm quite sure I'll enjoy this.
0.8519 V... I just sincerely hope you enjoyed.
0.8402 Thanks for the compliment, Watt :)
0.8305 u/so_sweet_like_anise I hope you like this <3
0.8271 I mean you can also do english scripts with that sexy accent of yours and I'm sure a significant percentage of the ladies lurking here will appreciate it.
0.8074 Well, be a good boy and let me know if you enjoyed this bobby
0.807 And I'm super fucking impressed because...
0.807 Whether they're dark scripts or simply erotic and beautiful poetry, thank you for providing everyone with such solid content!
0.802 Hope you like it as much as you liked the first part, bobby
0.8016 I loved this script from u/submrs so much and I'm really glad that you filled this.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8225 My thing for your voice + rape is scaring me, Todd. *saves*
-0.7783 From scaring off the rapist, to stumbling through the conversation, to making jokes, and to being polite about getting rough.
-0.7351 who the fuck am I fooling when it comes to this particular circle.
-0.7206 And now I also have this odd and stupid idea where Gentleman Todd and Rapey Todd get into a brawl for the listener.
-0.6486 I'm about to leave a comment trail on your bullshit that I listened to but missed commenting on because...
-0.5927 yeah you're Filipino. It was supposed to be a secret but at this point I feel like this circle considers it an open secret that it'd be stupid to deny it.
-0.5719 there may be another Gotham villainess coming soon if people actually like this... For the entire time of working on this audio and editing it, I've been nervous about this "sexy villain" voice.
-0.5423 no need to be confused.
-0.5423 I actually accidentally cut the first part of the audio.
-0.4228 And this may be a little wrong but...
-0.3919 ok but now i'm embarrassed.