/u/throwaneighth is very positive!

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0.9359 But I'd have to choose #7, love seeing the pleasure on your face and I'm sure that dildo felt amazing!
0.9357 Absolutely gorgeous, love the smile at the end :)
0.9341 Loving your tits in the far right but I love to see your expression in the far left, all are very sexy!
0.9334 Each of these are well worth the wait, you look incredibly fit, love your body and I hope these keep cumming ;)
0.9136 I'm loving this angle, wish I could show that booty some love in person ;)
0.8826 I was gonna say bite...but than I saw the licking and I couldn't help but imagine how good that would feel, the red looks so sexy
0.8779 Glad to see you're still posting, love watching you cum <3
0.8779 Love that you are more wet in this one ;) As gorgeous as always
0.8748 Gorgeous body and successful tease, I want more <3
0.8428 I love your hips, wish I could have more of a peek ;)
0.8402 Great post, loving the corset.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7574 Fuck that body is insane!
-0.5423 Mmm fuck, I call dibs next
-0.5423 So....when can I fuck you?
-0.5423 Is there enough room to fuck in the shower?
-0.4574 You are fine as fuck!
-0.4404 You ready to get licked and fucked?
-0.4404 Let me slap it as I fuck and leave some red marks before cumming all over your perfect ass
-0.4019 I want to be deep in you as the warm water splashes as I I fuck you hard from behind
-0.3612 I would've cum before the end of the video if that was you on top of my dick
-0.34 I'm sure her pussy is soaking from that cock filled mouth and tailed filled ass, I hope she was fucked good shortly after this?
-0.3382 God damn, you're giving me dirty thoughts!
-0.3182 I want to lick that ass before I stuff that pussy ;)