/u/threedgrunge is kind of a dick.

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0.8442 Deadpool was a success due to the sudden increase in popularity of deadpool.
0.7351 He could win easily.
0.6841 LMAO this is not a textbook move for anything.
0.6705 Pretty sure 1500 is GC, you just need to be in the next rank and stay there before it actually ranks you up.
0.6633 Bacon used to be fairly polarizing now apparently everyone LOVES bacon and there is bacon flavored everything. In closing...
0.6632 Honestly if your kid anyone for that matter cannot handle insults from other kids, you should disable the chat altogether.
0.6597 His knife is definitely too clean IMO I do not think you have hunted much.
0.6398 Trump is not anti science. Greedy, and an asshat sure.
0.6369 Sure he could have knifed a bunch more people if he chose a better location.
0.5719 Probably would have bust his knees up pretty good while avoiding getting grabbed.
0.5574 Netflix should pay for its own special treatment that it wants but Netflix wants it's customers to pay for it instead while keeping their special treatment rather than being treated neutrally.

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-0.9136 Bill Clinton is a wanted war criminal, Bill Clinton would be a convicted felon if it were not for the Democratic party all voting no, Bill Clinton is also an alleged rapist.
-0.8779 We came as allies to many tribes who were being obliterated through tribal warfare and slavery.
-0.7876 I would but they are already dead.
-0.7351 deadpool sucks and I hate this sudden fanboyism around the character.
-0.7096 or if you are mike tyson, get inside and destroy them while avoiding getting hit.
-0.6711 That is sad not funny. The British used to be British not French.
-0.6597 The game mode is boring and is rather broken at the moment.
-0.6486 They hacked the Democrats and released the information in a manner which hurt Clinton's chances relatively maximally. They didn't.
-0.6347 So glad that he did not cry for an hour about the death of his ass hat father who he does not seem to care too much for as he was NEVER there.
-0.6124 Ahh the life of no real stress and medicines that are only available to you.
-0.5994 They believe it is all propaganda from Russia now due to all the Russian hacker hysteria which never actually happened.
-0.5994 He is a fucking explorer that goes on death defying missions and has been sleeping for 600 years.