/u/threedgrunge is kind of a dick.

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0.8636 LOL who told you the paris agreement was a good deal?
0.836 However we are amazing at digesting animals that are great at digesting greens.
0.8316 Does this even have river city ransom, and super dodgeball? Just realized this is the super nintendo version and not the nintendo version.
0.8201 Honestly I would say 30c in someplace like Norway would be ten times worse than 50c in arizona. Dry heat is pleasant doesn't feel bad at all.
0.8115 it may be 120f/48c in arizona but it is dry so it feels more like 80-90f/26-30c in someplace like Norway.
0.7964 Trump supporters love covfefe though.
0.7599 Super anorexic women just are not scary.
0.719 I can help Warren Buffett be less rich if he actually believes this.
0.7184 It was literally about first world nations giving third world nations money wit h the US giving the lions share.
0.7003 AKM is by far my favorite and seems to have the second easiest spray to control, although I do prefer semi auto over auto for all ar's.
0.6679 You do understand the taxes he is in favor of would not hurt him at all right?

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-0.9571 So douchebag kid gets his ass beat for talking shit and probably claiming he could kick his ass and his buddy attacks him from behind.
-0.8861 and they are not good gateway dogs as they are tiny and usually annoying. For most people it is the dogs that can actually hurt you that we are scared of.
-0.8724 Wouldn't it be supporting Trump? Also you are more likely to be assaulted and or vandalized for supporting trump than mocking him.
-0.7968 Sometimes you do need to settle something by smacking a mouthy shit around. You will get nowhere in life being a little bitch that lets others just walk all over them.
-0.796 That man has been absolutely destroyed by the greedy family of the victims.
-0.793 It is more expensive, destroys more land, and damages the electrical infrastructure.
-0.7876 Being anything but critical of trump will get you banned in many other subs.
-0.7783 Lots of superfluous information but no actual information on why it is banned.
-0.743 Also Wind turbines and solar farms are stupidly ugly. BTW who do you think is behind the giant leaps in wind and solar technology and production?
-0.7397 If you are at 90 in a high humidity area it is much more dangerous and uncomfortable than even 120 in dry arizona.
-0.7003 Now can we have the judge that stopped it in the first place removed from office for violating their oaths on grounds of personal bias.
-0.6705 He was not wrongfully shot and killed.