/u/threedgrunge is kind of a dick.

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0.8225 although I recommend rich butter and full fat milk. Never use anything other than full fat milk it will taste like yellow water.
0.8176 "Be who you needed when you were younger..." But how do I become super rich?
0.7569 The man was not beaten badly, and he is alive.
0.7171 Same as loving mayo but you know what I don't like mayo I prefer miracle whip.
0.6369 Sociopaths love sociopaths.
0.5994 Everyone makes mistakes. I love that you think it is ok to make a mistake....
0.5994 They are super stabby in real life too.
0.5401 yes, yes, you can completely avoid committing them.
0.5106 I would make fun of them for it.
0.4939 Seems like a conflict of interest here.
0.4939 Pretty standard.

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-0.886 Fuck it he ran he deserves to get his ass kicked for a bit. Running puts the officers lives, and bystanders in danger.
-0.8625 but you seem to think that Democrat judges can abuse their power to stop anything the opposing team tries to do. What if we flipped this situation.
-0.836 Wrong person to accuse of being racist toward black people bub.
-0.8316 The only reason Police should use guns is if there is a risk to life, him lying on the floor posed no risk to life whatsoever.
-0.8316 It was clearly unlawful use of his gun by aiming it at someone's head and threatening to kill him. How do you know he didn't.
-0.8235 You would need to argue your case to an impartial judge to block the order not just say no I don't like it because it hurts my state and my feelings.
-0.8225 Only then did he stop struggling in which the officers were rather flustered and amped up at the moment and did not notice that they were restricting him from getting his hands to where they wanted.
-0.7964 Well this guy was a felon with multiple felony gun charges and was most likely trying to obtain another weapon, and still ended up trying to run from the cops and resist.
-0.7906 Fleeing criminals can kill innocent bystanders or other officers.
-0.7717 Also note he stopped struggling when threatened.
-0.7717 He could have had a weapon, and could have killed a bystander or taken hostages.
-0.7717 Maybe you ran because you just killed someone, or have a weapon.