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0.8559 Ehem Jon did not start fighting them until he saw dany and was like woah dude I need to impress her so I can get laid in a cave. It was literally all to try and impress her.
0.8316 Pretty sure Jora is the bravest man in westeros...
0.765 I have read way too many stories of these people who are supposed to be super smart only for them to vanish into the same private industry as everyone else after getting their phd.
0.7259 Do you really think not destroying the letter is a good idea? Ever think littlefinger brought this up to make them closer and get them to face controversy that could bring the north down.
0.7178 when will he decide h has atoned for his past? I also think him seeing the true heroes for what they are will make him less hard on himself.
0.6908 Arya would have easily survived Sansa's ordeal.
0.6908 Arya would have easily survived Sansas journey.
0.6647 He could have made sure jon did not fall and die on the way though...
0.6369 She doesn't seem to have the ability to see through schemes and plots. Ehh she is better at it than Sansa who always thinks she knows what is going on.
0.6249 Yea great idea...
0.5994 Plus it was a super horse.

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-0.936 There is a difference between killing a no name guard in a prison compared to killing Tywin fucking lannister who always has guards.
-0.9287 I would take the rape over possible death and constant malnutrition as well as actually fighting and fearing for my life...
-0.926 Add to this that jon was half dead and putting a half dead person on a horse that could pass out is a recipe for that person to fall off and die.
-0.9081 put a half dead frozen person who could pass out on the back of a horse that is hauling ass back to a distant gate through shit terrain...
-0.9062 Id rather be raped and beaten occasionally than face actual starvation and death.
-0.8957 trying to be a tragic hero again only to get the dragon killed because his stupid ass wouldn't get on and let the dragon just tail sweep the zombos away.
-0.8757 Her name alone and their lack of stupidity as well as everyone else around them prevented her death. Sansa was never in real danger of death.
-0.8625 Either Way Varys will die when his evil plan is exposed by a dying Littlefinger.
-0.8361 Give me a true multiplayer campaign, this team death match crap is not fun and is always a laggy mess of aggravation.
-0.8271 The reason people hated this EPISODE is due to the slow pacing and bad writing when compared to the other EPISODES of this season.
-0.8225 Considering after defeating that one enemy you go right back to fighting over power.
-0.8074 She was NEVER once in any threat of death.