/u/thistangleofthorns is very positive!

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0.9557 This doesn't seem to have made it to /r/all, but wow there are a bunch of idiots up in these comments. Anyway, I fucking love the adverts, I hope they keep 'em coming!
0.9538 Wow, that's pretty great! Good looking out, /u/ScroogeMcDuckface :)
0.9475 I love it there, it was also my first sanctuary after I turned vegan, it was consoling and made me feel so much better. Your post is thoughtful and really well written, with great photos.
0.9381 I keep thinking a similar "ask me how you can be a better environmentalist," and have some literature to hand out might be good. Have fun, be safe!
0.8957 You look happy and great, rock on :)
0.8777 I've been subscribed to MFAs list for a few weeks, it's great! Thanks for sharing this, signed up too.
0.875 That is awesome, good for you :)
0.8625 props for sprinkling sesame seeds on there, a small but sophisticated gesture of deliciousness that goes a long way.
0.8519 Monday is my first SRO game, I'm ready for anything but hoping it'll be good.
0.836 wow that is great.
0.836 Also have seen this exact sentence before and loved it, am guessing it's you who wrote it , going to quote it verbatim on my FB next time they all celebrate an escapee getting to sanctuary. ...

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-0.7828 SeaWorld is so completely evil, they really just need to be stopped.
-0.6908 We all kill a little, he says.
-0.6759 He's done so much for the animals and for us, nothing but love.
-0.6597 In some internet sectors, she's evil because she wore fur to the women's march, also because she wears fur, period.
-0.5994 No arguments here over mayo choice or lettuce placement.
-0.5859 Sorry bad link: https://np.www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/63s38r/til_german_animal_protection_law_prohibits/
-0.5859 Seriously, I think I would cry if I saw that in my store.
-0.5791 My raging PMS went away completely when I turned vegan, I totally feel you! Also so happy for you about your acne; I remember having skin problems as a teenager, it just ruined everything.
-0.541 I've been so blind.
-0.5255 Sorry /r/Vegan for the insecure connection!
-0.5095 This is all completely unacceptable.
-0.4391 Very sorry for your loss.