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0.9417 The number of eggs this took out of global everyday use is huge. They are doing so much good, I agree with you, it's pretty awesome.
0.886 Also got to meet like-minded friends, and support the others who are trying to help. It's getting better.
0.8807 It's easier than you think, even if it's awkward at first, you'll get the hang of it soon. This internet stranger is proud of you, good luck with it.
0.8591 Thanks for teaching me the term 'micro-sanctuary.' Agree, even if it's small, it's still awesome.
0.8587 There are so many great vegan ice creams now, but I love Trader Joe's a lot, and I shop there a lot, so I end up with those.
0.8464 They're really fun and curious and sweet.
0.8396 I was so happy then, and am so happy about this now.
0.836 Good for you, and welcome to it :)
0.836 whole foods has Miyoko's and Kite Hill, and most supermarkets have Chao slices. good for you, and welcome to it :)
0.8356 Good stuff! Also, thanks for the lol.
0.8271 Good luck with making the change, it's much easier than you think.

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-0.8552 Seriously, I used to get it so bad every year, it was miserable.
-0.7332 They're not selling anything, and have nothing to gain, I don't see why there would be a conspiracy for this.
-0.6808 Holy Hell, the cripple-fight that is those comments.
-0.6369 Your open disregard for the suffering of others is ...
-0.5678 It's a close, and very very sad, competition.
-0.4969 I actually live in the boonies and don't have a WF or TJs near me, but when I drive out for work or to do things I plan it out so I can stop into stores and get/stock up on stuff.
-0.4588 The photos of deforested areas are heartbreaking.
-0.4432 I felt utterly hopeless for a few years and then started volunteering and protesting, it made me feel so much better.
-0.4404 You meant well, no worries.
-0.4228 It's 100x less gross than cow's milk, at least it's same species, and from his own family.
-0.4215 I do not shop at Target, but I did go in there a while back, JUST to buy HC products. Then recently while shopping at a Stop & Shop I found they have what seems to be the full HC line.