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0.9557 This doesn't seem to have made it to /r/all, but wow there are a bunch of idiots up in these comments. Anyway, I fucking love the adverts, I hope they keep 'em coming!
0.9381 I keep thinking a similar "ask me how you can be a better environmentalist," and have some literature to hand out might be good. Have fun, be safe!
0.9042 It's fun, I love it in my kitchen, and all the delicious new food I get to create/try.
0.9022 I have made the butter recipe in miyoko's cookbook, it was amazing. I gave it to my omni friends, who didn't know i'd made it, one of them said 'this is the best butter i've ever had in my life'.
0.8957 You look happy and great, rock on :)
0.8832 Good luck with it, it's a great program !
0.88 Um, that was fucking awesome! "So I'll dance to the end with my best friend..." Totes adorbs!
0.875 Your tendency to protect and defend the awesome GC is appreciated.
0.8633 I JUST GOT THEM TOO . Holy hell, SO much better. Can't believe it took me so long, but so glad I got here eventually. Completely agree, it's life changing.
0.8622 Either they reformulated at some point, or I developed a taste for it, but either way, it's a favorite now big time. Enjoy!
0.8553 Good luck with it, enjoy!

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-0.7828 SeaWorld is so completely evil, they really just need to be stopped.
-0.6997 and they still make a face and are somehow suspect like it's something gross. Very annoying.
-0.6908 Palm oil industry practices kill of orangutans so many feel it's not vegan .
-0.5994 Woman here, no problem with it.
-0.5829 Everyday animal products are used, is another day that more animals suffer needlessly.
-0.5574 I think this is an important point to include in educating others about they dairy is horrific.
-0.5499 I hate it, but I'm refraining from complaining about it all the 100 times I've seen it in the past week or so.
-0.5267 I must be missing all of what you're seeing, and you're missing all of what I'm seeing.
-0.5255 I might cry if I ever see this at my local markets!
-0.5095 This is all completely unacceptable.
-0.4939 Translation: Fuck you and your request, we can do what we want and don't have to answer to anyone.
-0.4767 It hurts like hell the first few times, but now I barely feel it.