/u/thistangleofthorns is very positive!

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0.9292 Having a supportive mom will make it so much easier, good for you! Welcome to it :)
0.8979 You're making great choices, black bean are my favorite of the veggie burgers, and the portobello/hummus combo is always a win.
0.8834 Let's show them some love on social media, it looks like they're doing fantastic work, and they're not even asking for donations.
0.8728 Very happy to see them doing so well, and so easy to find in stores now.
0.8481 Last week on an upstate NY roadtrip I had seitan wings in 2 different non-vegan restaurants, both were amazing, like better than in some vegan places I've tried.
0.8439 I love this article because it's also a very positive review of the food by the BI writer.
0.8313 You might keep trying and find your favorite, too. Hope that helps!
0.8225 I'll keep at it and keep your helpful suggestions in mind, just in case the dishtowel solution fails over time. Much appreciated :)
0.8172 That food looks pretty fresh for being 2 days old! Nicely done, Noob.
0.8074 It's a great video and inspired a ton of conversation on this sub a while back.
0.8074 It is one of many forms of activism worldwide, each of which has the common goal of animal liberation and a vegan world." Their site has some pretty great stuff, too.

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-0.7351 smh in disgust
-0.636 Find the douchebag. Found him! (To be clear, I mean whoever is selling those douchey shirts is a douche.
-0.5994 Is there another stink I missed?
-0.5632 what could possibly be wrong with that???
-0.5574 Sorry for your pizza disappointment.
-0.5562 Be nice to me or I'll hurt animals, and it'll be your fault!
-0.5562 Let the selective outrage begin!
-0.5499 Yeah, but mostly I just miss my increased chances of getting cancer.
-0.5423 What the fuck is with people, and how can anyone possibly believe that is a thing?
-0.5409 Spock: "After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing after all as wanting.
-0.5267 Will it hurt omni feelings less if we just call them "ethically challenged?"
-0.5106 The mod who made that last comment is a dick.