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0.9179 No explicit survival kit, but I had a tent, cooking gear, lots of water, and waterproof clothes, so I was pretty self sufficient. Haha, yes maybe I should post it!
0.9042 My thanks to them from me though, as it's super touching when people are welcoming like that.
0.8957 Not the quietest spots, but I've found some surprisingly nice ones, with good planting to hide behind, not too much noise, and no one would ever care you're there.
0.8804 It's not scary, you quickly realize that most people are good, and are interested and willing to help you if they can.
0.8519 Perhaps start by listing things you enjoy, are good at, or want to be better at, and then see what kind of activities coincide with them.
0.8519 Haha yeah they were great.
0.836 Looks perfect, I'd love to see some more pictures of it.
0.8353 More importantly, it's going to be rad! Food wise, 10 in Lidl each day should get you a good calorie supply.
0.8271 Haha thanks. Nice, which one?
0.8225 Thanks for the insight, seems too good to be true at that price otherwise.
0.807 Great, thanks!

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-0.8671 I got chased by wild dogs a couple of times, but they have very defined territories, so if you just keep going they stop chasing you when you go through their imagined fence. No weapons needed!
-0.7227 I'm not usually a big advocate of debt, but it could alleviate that fear even if you don't use it.
-0.6152 I wouldn't ever want to cycle all day with one on my back though, uncomfortable and no point.
-0.6093 I spent a lot of time in very close forest with no views, which wasn't ideal.
-0.5994 Both times I've flown out with a [big cheap plastic bike bag], with no problems.
-0.5499 We're also hoping to do as much of it as possible off-tarmac, but are struggling to find where there are gravel roads, or tracks.
-0.4753 but no! Wild suggestion, have you consider a pedal powered boat to get between some of the islands?
-0.4404 I know right :(
-0.4019 Never had any problems. 8.
-0.4019 Lost quite a lot of weight when I got to the hotter countries, as it's hard to always keep up with your calorie burn each day.
-0.3595 Some also have no fees for use abroad which is handy. And keep us up to date on how this goes!
-0.3252 If you did actually know me, you'd know that wasn't true.