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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9246 I like my women like I like my glasses... Sitting on my face. Great audio, I think you have a new admirer
0.9081 [This one] was pretty great, something similar to this would be great
0.886 Excellent job, I loved Deborah Ann in it and the holding your breath was a nice touch.
0.8807 thanks /u/yourfaveguy keep up the great work, looking forward to part 5 =)
0.8765 I bike already but would love to see something like her at all.
0.8519 great scene, love faye, gif starts at 18:16
0.8271 but you look like you have a fun body
0.8126 I've never done that spit in a bag trick, holy wow, that was amazing
0.7871 I just thought the ending was a bit off, but overall just great!
0.7845 Great, liked the breath holding and the overall joip.
0.784 your smile is great!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8365 I know its fake but I got so angry when they ran over her bike
-0.7351 holy fuck, after seeing this, I was so close to getting out, damn
-0.714 Damn, I thought I was making good progress but then I kept hitting dead ends or looping around to the same room and I couldn't take it any more.
-0.5499 I plan on it but once I cum, I lose the urge...
-0.5267 I don't think I'll ever stop missing Faye
-0.5106 The moment it got in her hair, you can see her hating life even more
-0.5023 I have and will taste my precum, but I just ignore the last bit about eating my cum
-0.4215 So I see some of the text here on this page under the photos but when I click the "Read More" it takes me to imgur and no words are there...
-0.2023 One of the first Celebs I might have jerked to
-0.1232 not sure but this is the oldest i could find: https://sep.yimg.com/ca/I/animebooks-com_2269_312531658.jpg
0.0 https://aikoprincess.com/home
0.0 You reminded me of: https://nl.xhamster.com/movies/2770246/joi_cum_on_your_computer_screen.html