/u/thepurpleviking is kind of a dick.

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0.8779 the one I belong to has top notch facilities, sushi bar, excellent steak restaurant, and a nice bar crawling with super hot bored housewives and tennis princesses.
0.7678 prime tail won't be caught dead in a fitness 19 or LA fitness.
0.7003 well at least we can still be thankful for sickle cell.
0.6808 those saggy things have definitely seen much better days.
0.6705 there's many good answers here, and I think I can sum then all up into a simplified, unified answer.
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0.5994 super hot watching her walk out with my spunk running down the back of her jeans.
0.5859 wow I bet that shitbox car gets you all kinds of pussy.
0.5574 nobody ever got rich majoring in Latin.
0.5267 the kind found at Costco - you know the ones right?
0.5093 haha - typical niggers! ##trump #makeamericagreat

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-0.743 have you ever sucked a dick in that car?
-0.7256 i killed the whale!!
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