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0.7579 It's definitely in correctly, tried both DIMM slots and memtest was successful.
0.7003 It's all a learning curve, most of the questions are taken from the nerdcubed survey, if we do one later hopefully it'll be much improved from this
0.6808 All previous responses have been deleted. The aim of the survey is to find out how we can improve the community and what merch you guys are interested in etc.
0.636 Congratulations on 10 million!
0.5859 Please use the application template like everyone else
0.5423 800 for a gaming capable laptop isn't cheap to me ;)
0.4404 he was thanks
0.4404 Thanks for the suggestion
0.4389 Removed most of the personal stuff and focused on the more relevant stuff!
0.4199 Thank you Statisk86 for your submission!
0.4199 Thank you quadratis for your submission!

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-0.7672 I can't boot from a USB either that's the main problem it has the same BSOD
-0.7096 edit: if you're like wtf is this shit?
-0.4168 Maybe I shouldn't have taken inspiration from the nerdcubed survey, different audiences I guess
-0.4168 I understand but I don't want to endorse it on reddit
-0.34 Uhh Yeh I was going to replace it and got distracted woops
-0.1316 If you don't want to enter then don't!
-0.1027 I've tried a different hard drive, it's a legitimate Windows 10 installation.
0.0 Game suggestion thread!
0.0 #Round 2! Lets try again!
0.0 My plans for the survey got crossed with using the nerdcubed survey, should have thought it through a little more!
0.0 added agnostic and other
0.0 I'll post the responses at the end of April.