/u/thehighground is a total dick!

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0.7845 Oh yeah points are gonna happen, and some roads have super speeder laws which add a couple hundred on the fine.
0.743 Oh it was a great joke before you put in a call to PC douhebags to vote their opinion.
0.7096 All I can say is good luck San Francisco, the only reason it worked last year was the work Matt Ryan put in on the off season.
0.6705 Call me a dick all you like, I'm a realist and respect honesty, you seem to believe your opinion is above reproach and I'm here to tell you that opinions you've been spouting are complete horseshit.
0.6486 Talented at calling in favors
0.6369 I think both parties are in the pockets of the rich, if you think otherwise you're naive.
0.6369 They did, they're called cuckolds and their half men at best
0.6028 This doesn't matter, it happens a lot in Atlanta and people just take the shit and sell it on eBay, Craigslist, or the flea market.
0.5994 It's like good art, I know it when I see it or it impresses me. This is shit.
0.4939 Phil is nicest person you'll ever meet.
0.4466 Sure the old LX 5.0 were the same engine and transmission as the GT just 1000 pounds lighter, they were the choice to race since they were faster with no outside frills.

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-0.9118 You're an idiot, it's a joke, and no ban but still..... You are a sad, strange little man and you have my pity
-0.8957 It's useless arguing with people on the left, they're always right and anyone who disagrees is a Nazi, it's become a pathetic hive mind
-0.8951 Of course they do, because they have to try and paint him as an awful person because they can't handle that no matter how awful he is, hillary was hated more and still lost to an oompa loompa.
-0.882 Look at history, all those bullshit ideologies come out of the left, Hitler was a socialist but people ignore that, all those want totalitarianism and to silence the other opinions.
-0.8481 I'm almost starting to believe some are paid off to post this bullshit over and over in the hopes idiots may start to ignore that ossof is a douchebag.
-0.8402 Problem is, this post is deliberately misleading to stir up shit and get upvotes from antifa idiots and the left from the USA.
-0.8214 Point being it's highly unlikely a no name candidate raised that much nationwide, it's more likely an organized campaign forced or spread out among unnamed or fake names.
-0.7845 Labeling everything as fascist and trying to silence opinions for a failed political process
-0.7845 I think he's saying what's perceived as racist to one segment, is perceived as warranted criticism toward another segment.
-0.7463 Stupid sign, we have changed, pollution is way down from where we started but let's ignore that cause they need to stop now!
-0.7432 It's shit, that guy isn't strong at all and looks to be able to lift maybe 185-225 at most on real bench press.
-0.7351 I've driven fast but whenever there is traffic I slow down because one move by someone not realizing how fast you're going will ruin both of your lives.