/u/thehighground is kind of a dick.

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0.8812 Gonna be 100% honest here, 99.9999% of males don't give a shit, we're just here for the booze and to keep her happy while not trying to screw it up.
0.8545 Oh she sounds like a joy to be around and not a complete bitch
0.802 Ehhh who cares, our team is looking better and that defense is still young, if it wasn't for Kyle not realizing you run more than 2 times with a 25 point lead they'd be fine.
0.7903 That's not anger at all, it's amazement you don't realize what a pathetic douche you are while always thinking your witty.
0.7717 People need to relax, it won't be very long down the road that everyone will just have wireless internet which is subject to allowing 3rd party as well.
0.743 Yeah great man indeed.
0.7351 He built a business to 6 times it's value, you can't discount that fact because a lot of corporations would love to be able to accomplish that fear.
0.7202 Must be nice to go through life not knowing what a douchebag you are
0.7096 I'm hoping the democrats and republicans have learned a valuable lesson this last election
0.6908 Being a horny male teen is strong motivation.
0.6808 I'd love to hear their private conversations leading up to her loss, it would be hilarious.

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-0.9535 Figures the shitty power hungry mod has to make his presence known, he's a joke and that sub is a joke "Ohhhh subtly mock but don't call them a cow because that's hate" what hypocritical bullshit.
-0.8885 Also scares me because one of those idiots could hit a cyclist or person sending that into my car causing me to hurt or kill someone.
-0.8481 Guess he didn't spend time with him in private and didn't hear about holding a gun to his wife's head, all the different women he cheated with, or his sexual assaults.
-0.8402 Financially, a lot but then as it was proved the last time no president has the balls to hold big banks accountable for their bullshit.
-0.8201 Yeah there is proof everywhere but all you'll do is ignore it, hell other heads of state has said they were trying to shame them down to get favors for their friends.
-0.8176 Yes, he's a big bitch that brags about it now, cheaters and sexual assaults
-0.8126 The default front page is shit though, you have to edit that bullshit out to get rid of the idiots
-0.7964 Fuck that shit.
-0.7906 The fact they keep whining about it makes it true. Sorry kids have no shame today about living at home till they're 30, a generation ago you'd be considered a failure.
-0.7906 Fuck the twins jrbeck is a fat filthy cheater
-0.7755 Most just cut corners the GC forced them to cut and due to most of their status in the country they never rat out the one paying their salary.
-0.7635 It's been so long I forget why I was banned, probably from posting while I was drunk.