/u/thehighground is kind of a dick.

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0.8176 Well I was tasked with getting rid of a few sheets of acid so it all went pretty quick, sold my last 10 hits to a waiter a friend knew.
0.7716 Plenty of good films have rough spots, the prequels were fine films and don't deserve the hate, especially of a child in those films.
0.743 Funny cause the left is who are the champions at gerrymandering to stay in office
0.7003 He played hard but others said he was one of the nicest people off the field and even used his welath to build a hospital in his rural area.
0.6896 Cobb was nice, he just played hard on the field, other players didn't hate him like Al Stump said in his book.
0.6369 Yeah got that after playing for the joke
0.6369 Sure and you can feel safe knowing succo won't get back to the sb
0.6249 A few years ago almost everything in that book was proven to be a lie, gave Tommy Lee Jones a great role though.
0.6124 If you're on ATT leave them the same, their routers do bandwidth steering and utilize both depending on which has the best connection for your device.
0.5859 Sure it is, like the pot calling the kettle black.
0.5859 The 9ers got a brilliant head coach would have been more appropriate and accurate.

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-0.9062 None of these people had to put up with any of that shit, they are why people are still racist and black people from other nations hate black Americans.
-0.8955 He's just a douche believing cyclists do no wrong when most accidents involving them could be avoided.
-0.8779 He even lied about how he died alone and nobody came to his funeral which was a massive lie, almost everyone turned out to pay condolences.
-0.8747 Don't feel so bad, half the country voted for a known liar with suspect morals and a power complex.
-0.8689 Then you missed the point, he's pointing out the sarcasm of them down voting racism while promoting racism in other forms.
-0.8423 He is why almost everyone hates cyclists. Sure they have a right to the road but they don't even care if they're being a dick.
-0.8362 And that's the problem, they don't want the truth, they want to confirm their own bullshit agenda.
-0.8225 They were ranked low before their murderer returned then the defense was on fire.
-0.8014 Doesn't matter, blocking traffic is a dick move and in the rural area where I live it pisses everyone off which could lead to rage incidents.
-0.784 Shocked that you showed up after someone called up you banned name, shocked I say!
-0.7579 Bicycles in the city make sense, out where the average speed limit is 50 mph is dangerous and can get multi people hurt.
-0.7506 Sub sucks, it's only back fired to them since it exposed the other side as the ones causing issues.