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0.8338 So they should have known that admitted white power supporters aren't people you fuck with and the cops definitely should have known.
0.8092 I have no feelings to any of them but I have seen some up close for art classes I have taken, some are quite intricate and amazing once you see all the effort that went into making them.
0.8074 Militarily sure but what are we gonna do if China decides to cut us out? They're a super power since they have the ability to bring the world to it's knees.
0.786 But they didn't rage against hillary for all the shit she did while making decisions, it's quite obvious they would have raked anyone from the right over the coals for Benghazi.
0.7775 Yeah they won, cause they're ain't no more Nazis is there?
0.5859 It was a powder keg at the time and it's a miracle it didn't go off.
0.5859 They were built during that time because thats when a lot of the old soldiers were dying and the relatives campaigned to have them honored in some way.
0.5653 Well I tell her I'll look at it seems nothing too wrong except maybe 20 tabs open so I do the double tap to what's open.
0.5574 I'm against people using elected offices to make themselves rich.
0.5574 Yes read the rest of my posts, I've stated that and how a few are worth saving as examples of sculptures of the period.
0.5574 Quit making a monster a hero

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-0.959 And what prompted them to start the war was the north losing money because of that economic advantage, they didn't send men to die to get rid of slavery, they sent men to die to maintain their power.
-0.946 I have no problem with memorials to dead soldiers in public places, I do see a weird irony they put up statues for generals who lost a war in public places.
-0.9062 She's just as deplorable and her incompetence got people killed, fuck her and her opinions, she's gonna try and run again which will wind up getting trump reelected.
-0.9001 Maybe the races should come together and make a map of places to avoid or we feel are dangerous, couple places in Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama that are scary as fuck.
-0.8934 Yeah this is getting pathetic, all these soldiers would tell them to get a fucking job and quit whining about bullshit that our country will fuck them up in due time
-0.886 Well the fact he's been a piece of shit his entire life and keeps the fear going to maintain his money flow while being implicated in numerous murder plots is a start.
-0.8807 Dont fall into the trap that it was just about slavery, like every war theres a name to hide it was just about money and keeping power.
-0.8807 Malcolm instilled fear of blacks for white people, he perpetuated all the myths that drove whites to flee neighborhoods and realized the error but was killed when he tried to tone it down.
-0.8625 MLK showed that violence wasn't the answer when trying to change people's minds, Malcolm understood this late in his short life and it's what got him killed.
-0.8591 I'll support that just as soon as term limits are put in place, I get tired of useless people hiding in political office just to skate by because they rally support over stupid shit.
-0.8398 Socialists oppress opinions just as bad so fuck them too.
-0.836 MLK, jr for all his faults did more with his non violent protests than Malcolm X, Medgar Evers deserved more press.