/u/thefunkyfreshinator is kind of a dick.

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0.8074 I love how a company begging for reviews isn't even willing to put in anything that people want lol
0.7906 I used offline mode on steam, then launched the game started it and amd started the offline client in the launcher but you will need hamachi to play with friends.
0.6597 Huge group of friends and family?
0.6369 Best part is the Bat gut.
0.5994 Like a lot of people I would actually be excited if it was coming to pc.
0.5859 Wow that's some heavy presumptions right there.
0.5423 PC Central 46 or around that Casual Yes mic GobbaGoFaft
0.5423 Religion of peace.
0.4901 This is a well balanced comment section totally not massively biased.
0.4754 I was really hoping for wood elves.
0.4404 Fallout 4 was a good game though even with its flaws.

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-0.8986 Its a shame this game is DOA. Edit: sadly this triggered a lot of people i was just stating that i was sad it sold less that a quarter as well as the first
-0.8779 The people jumping out to defend this character design with moronic arguments are just making me hate this community.
-0.765 The enemy design is terrible.
-0.765 What the fuck is wrong with his graphics?
-0.6908 No its horrible at this stage, wait a few more years.
-0.6808 What the hell?
-0.6249 This game has some of the worst art direction I've seen.
-0.5994 I drowned a puppy.
-0.5719 Don't do this, this is retarded.
-0.5563 And more disappointment as usual.
-0.5423 fuck if i know
-0.5423 Fuck rockstar.