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0.9517 This is so absolutely beautiful and so inspiring <3 Thank you for this :)
0.9226 Omg i love music and thank you so so much for sharing this :)
0.918 That really is awesome, I'm happy for ya! Also, that is fun!
0.9117 I love this guy :) You must be awesome!
0.8993 I HAD to listen when I read Deadmau5. I can already hear the resemblance, so jeez nice job! I enjoy the motion of it so far, it does resemble that style! Well done :)
0.8976 Thanks :) I appreciate it, I will watch that most definitely!
0.8923 I absolutely love this, it inspires me to learn more about art :) Or at least that style anyways
0.8885 Wow this is beautiful, and inspiring.
0.8779 This fuckin rules I couldn't say it any other way I love it, good work :)
0.8668 Thanks for sharing :D
0.8668 :D I appreciate you and your response :)

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-0.8591 But holy shit Cube world is going to top off many shittier games, cube world will smack off every shitty rpg in the world.
-0.7506 That's brutal op mate holy shit that's cool
-0.6808 Everyone on the plane but the pilots would be in danger, also the pilots could get sleepy just sitting there with a remote system
-0.6187 This is actually a damn good idea, I would buy this shit in a minute.
-0.4442 He's not your friend, pal!
-0.4019 Damn Demo's got sausage fingas
-0.4019 What keeps you out of trouble?
-0.296 boyo, no, noooo....
-0.296 From the title I thought this was going to be a Spy work in which he has a crayon as a weapon.
-0.2317 I don't really care how long it takes, but when Cube world is released it will be the holy fucking father of rpg
-0.2263 Remember any vivid details that are just too juicy to forget?
-0.1531 I can also see now the kick problems, they work well some parts...