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0.9476 :) So I'd say this track is good :) If it had some sort of touch up to make it a little more alive, that would be great!!!
0.9455 I want good, fun fulfilling combat, and wonderful, beautiful worlds that really make me interested to search around and explore!!
0.9416 Not only do I want to be completely amazed and astonished with this world and all it's inhabitants, I want to have fun on the side that will reward me for random skills!!!
0.9288 :D I enjoyed it :) Edit: I had to check out the other tracks on the EP, I like them!!!
0.927 I'd say boost the low end, it would make it more pleasing to listen to!! Great job matey, I enjoyed!
0.9226 Omg i love music and thank you so so much for sharing this :)
0.918 That really is awesome, I'm happy for ya! Also, that is fun!
0.9156 :D I'm glad I could spread some love!!
0.9117 I love this guy :) You must be awesome!
0.9001 It'd be cool if there was a whole array of abilites, both active and passive, that help you in their own ways, and reward you for use regardless of missing out on other abilities.
0.8993 I HAD to listen when I read Deadmau5. I can already hear the resemblance, so jeez nice job! I enjoy the motion of it so far, it does resemble that style! Well done :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9502 Maybe you spend 20 levels training your hypothetical fire attack and then OH NO the giant fire wolf you have to face gains damage from fire attacks!!!
-0.7545 You missed your little sister's piano recital to read that shit?!?
-0.7506 That's brutal op mate holy shit that's cool
-0.6808 Everyone on the plane but the pilots would be in danger, also the pilots could get sleepy just sitting there with a remote system
-0.6113 Years ago, before I bought cubeworld, I was really set on an elf warrior with a giant sword, and I even remember the design I wanted to make so badly.
-0.4442 He's not your friend, pal!
-0.4019 Damn Demo's got sausage fingas
-0.4019 What keeps you out of trouble?
-0.296 "you no give me cookies, bitch...
-0.296 boyo, no, noooo....
-0.2462 idk, it's up to you!!
-0.2263 Remember any vivid details that are just too juicy to forget?